PAS 1040:2019 Adopting digital technologies in manufacturing

PAS 1040:2019

Digital Readiness. Adopting digital technologies in manufacturing. Guide

Status : Current   Published : August 2019


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What is this PAS about?

The UK’s Industrial Strategy highlights the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, automation, data and other digital technologies to transform design and manufacture, deliver industry-wide productivity gains, and enable connected and secure systems.

This PAS was developed to support the strategy with a view to helping increase the pace of adoption of digital technologies in the UK manufacturing sector. It gives guidance and examples intended to inspire business leaders interested in digital transformation.

Who is this PAS for?

  • UK manufacturers of all sizes including suppliers, makers and customers for manufactured goods and services
  • Any other businesses looking to increase business efficiencies and competitiveness
  • It can also benefit developers and providers of digital readiness diagnostic tools

This PAS is not intended to be used directly by end consumers.

Why should you use this PAS?

The future of manufacturing is digital. Digital technologies enable improved productivity and competitiveness. They support collaboration within and between businesses for greater innovation. They engage businesses with their customers, enabling mass customization and tailored services. They help in the development of new skills and careers. 

That said, the adoption of digital technologies might be constrained by factors such as a lack of awareness of their relevance to a business; their perceived complexity or cost; a lack of capability or capacity in the business; or poor leadership and a narrow strategy.

Therefore, the guidance in this PAS is intended to inspire any business leader interested in digital transformation with descriptions and examples of what can be achieved.

It provides:

  • Guidance on identifying and understanding the range of potential business factors to be taken into consideration in planning and implementing the digital journey
  • A standardized methodology for assessing the readiness of a business to adopt digital technologies in manufacturing
  • A standardized methodology for assessing progress along a digital journey

The document also considers a broad range of business factors relevant to assessing the readiness of a business to benefit from digital technologies. These include leadership, processes and driving value for the business and its partners, all of which are underpinned by the capabilities of people.

NOTE: This PAS does not cover:

  • How to plan for implementation of digital manufacturing
  • Any tool elements
  • Recommendations of any specific tools
  • How best to implement digital technologies
  • Identifying the business opportunity associated with digital manufacturing
  • Defining the business case for digital manufacturing

Standard NumberPAS 1040:2019
TitleDigital Readiness. Adopting digital technologies in manufacturing. Guide
Publication Date31 August 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS ISO/IEC 19086-4:2019, BS 13500:2013, BS 31111:2018, PAS 7040:2019, PAS 1085:2018, ISO 18828-5:2019
DescriptorsComputer-aided manufacturing, Computer-integrated manufacturing, Information technology, Enterprises, Business companies, Manufacturing
ISBN978 0 539 03540 7
File Size5.648 MB

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