PAS 7040
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PAS 7040:2019

Digital manufacturing. Trustworthiness and precision of networked sensors. Guide

Status : Current   Published : November 2019


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What is this PAS about?

Many industries are using digitalization and automation more and more, leading to a greater reliance on sensors which measure processes, environmental conditions and the physical attributes of manufactured items.

Since sensors have become vital, this PAS deals with their trustworthiness and their data. It takes into account measurement and sensor fundamentals, the provenance of sensors and their data and the assessment of measurement uncertainty.

It examines security issues that may impact on the trustworthiness of sensors and their use, including the transmission of data over a network. A risk management process for sensors is set out as well as the need for an organization to have a strategy for the use of and reliance on networked sensors. The issue of sensor trust and identity is examined, along with measures regarding the sharing of sensor data and the maintenance of its long-term usefulness.

Who is this PAS for?

  • Organizations which design, build, sell and maintain internet-enabled sensors for digital manufacturing applications and who acquire, integrate and maintain them in operational deployments
  • Managers who manage business, legal and compliance risks associated with such products, their deployments, and the data and information that originates from them, in particular, users deploying over the top retro-fitted sensors in their systems, as well as those who internet-enable their embedded sensors’ capabilities in production environments

Why should you use this PAS?

It gives guidance on quality and security provisions for measurements generated by network sensors and transmitted over a network, in a manufacturing production line, or associated servitization. It includes guidance on how to assure measurements and support the process of adoption within key industry stakeholders.

It covers:

a)       Precision of sensor measurements, in a production environment, for a standard set of metrics delivered in a secure network;

b)      Identification of sensor entities and associated measurements;

c)       Origin of the data transmitted and received in a production environment;

d)      Relationship with internet of things (IoT) catalogues;

e)      Security of internet communication between a sensor and dependent components within a protected firewall/secure network (barrier to cyber-attack);

f)        Methods for mitigating operational ambiguity and security threats to data, information, physical components, technical systems, and associated processes that might affect the people who use – directly or indirectly, work with, handle, or are nearby products that rely upon measurements from sensors;

g)       Measures to handle the normal operational tolerances of sensors, as well as to deter and/or disrupt hostile, malicious, fraudulent and criminal behaviours or activities that are directly associated with such measurements;

h)      Technological aspects including safety, authenticity, availability (including reliability), confidentiality, integrity, possession, resilience and utility (including precision/accuracy); and

i)        Accuracy and authenticity of calibration of sensors over a secure internet/intranet.

NOTE: This PAS does not cover independent validation of measurement assurance or sensing outside of a manufacturing sector (non-M2M, IIOT technologies).

Standard NumberPAS 7040:2019
TitleDigital manufacturing. Trustworthiness and precision of networked sensors. Guide
Publication Date30 November 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)PAS 1085:2018
Informative References(Provided for Information)Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992, IEC TR 63082-1-3, JCGM 200:2012, BS EN IEC 62443, Data Protection Act 2018, IEC 62890, ISO 8000, ISO/IEC TR 30166, BS EN ISO/IEC 62264, Data Protection Act 1998, BS ISO/IEC 30141:2018, PD IEC/PAS 63088:2017, ISO 18828-5:2019, ISO 23570-1:2005, BS EN ISO/IEC 27043:2016, BS EN 62657-1:2017, IEC 62734:2014/AMD1:2019, BS ISO/IEC 20924:2018, BS EN IEC 61918:2018, PD IEC TR 63069:2019, BS EN ISO/IEC 27002:2017, BS ISO/IEC 27017:2015, BS ISO/IEC 27003:2017, PAS 185:2017, BS ISO 55000:2014, ISO 18828-3:2017, BS EN ISO 10012:2003, BS EN 62657-2:2017, ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015, IEC 62734:2014, PD IEC/TS 62832-1:2016, BS 31111:2018, IEC TS 62443-1-1:2009, ISO/IEC 27005:2018, BS EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017
DescriptorsAutomation, Production, Security, Networks (computer), Measurement, Quality, Sensors, Precision, Manufacturing
ISBN978 0 539 03539 1
File Size17 MB

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