BS EN ISO 23161:2018 Soil quality. Determination of selected organotin compounds. Gas-chromatographic method

BS EN ISO 23161:2018

Soil quality. Determination of selected organotin compounds. Gas-chromatographic method

Status : Current   Published : November 2018



What is this standard about?

This document specifies a gas-chromatographic method for the identification and quantification of organotin compounds (OTCs) in soils.

This document is also applicable to samples from sediments, sludges and wastes (soil-like materials). The working range depends on the detection technique used and the amount of sample taken for analysis. The limit of quantification for each compound is about 10 µg/kg.

Organotin cations can only be determined in accordance with this document after derivatization. The anionic part bound to the organotin cation is mainly dependent on the chemical environment and is not determined using this method. The peralkylated organotin compounds behave in a completely different way from their parent compounds. Tetraalkylated organotin compounds which are already peralkylated, such as tetrabutyltin, are determined directly without derivatization.

The properties such as particle size distribution, water content and organic matter content of the solids to be analysed using this document vary widely. Sample pretreatment is designed adequately with respect to both the properties of the organotin compounds and the matrix to be analysed.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 23161:2018
TitleSoil quality. Determination of selected organotin compounds. Gas-chromatographic method
Publication Date27 November 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 11465, ISO 22892, ISO 3696, ISO 16720
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 5725-2, EN 15936, ISO 18400-205, ISO 14507, ISO 5667-12, EN 15934, ISO 5667-13, ISO 18400-101, DIN 38402-45:2003 (E)
ReplacesBS EN ISO 23161:2011
International RelationshipsEN ISO 23161:2018,ISO 23161:2018
Amended ByCorrigendum, December 2018
DescriptorsSpecimen preparation, Sludge, Quality, Gas chromatography, Tin organic compounds, Chemical analysis and testing, Wastes, Soils, Soil testing, Determination of content
Title in FrenchQualité du sol. Dosage d'une sélection de composés organostanniques. Méthode par chromatographie en phase gazeuse
Title in GermanBodenbeschaffenheit. Bestimmung ausgewählter Organozinnverbindungen. Gaschromatographisches Verfahren
ISBN978 0 539 03273 4
File Size1.826 MB

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