BS ISO 20332:2016 Cranes. Proof of competence of steel structures

BS ISO 20332:2016

Cranes. Proof of competence of steel structures

Status : Current   Published : June 2016



What is this standard about?

This International Standard sets forth general conditions, requirements, methods, and parameter values for performing proof‐of‐competence determinations of the steel structures of cranes based upon the limit state method. It is intended to be used together with the loads and load combinations of the applicable parts of ISO 8686.

This International Standard is general and covers cranes of all types. Other International Standards can give specific proof‐of‐competence requirements for particular crane types.

Proof‐of‐competence determinations, by theoretical calculations and/or testing, are intended to prevent hazards related to the performance of the structure by establishing the limits of strength, e.g. yield, ultimate, fatigue, and brittle fracture.

According to ISO 8686‐1 there are two general approaches to proof‐of‐competence calculations: the limit state method, employing partial safety factors, and the allowable stress method, employing a global safety factor. Though it does not preclude the validity of allowable stress methodology, ISO 20332 deals only with the limit state method.

Proof‐of‐competence calculations for components of accessories (e.g. handrails, stairs, walkways, cabins) are not covered by this International Standard. However, the influence of such attachments on the main structure needs to be considered.

Standard NumberBS ISO 20332:2016
TitleCranes. Proof of competence of steel structures
Publication Date30 June 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 9587:2007, ISO 8686-3:2018, ISO 4306-1:2007, ISO 4301-1:2016, BS ISO 8686-3:2018, ISO 286-2:2010/Cor 1:2013, ISO 4042:1999, ISO 404:1992, ISO 8686-4, ISO 8686-2, ISO 7452:2013, ISO 8686-1:2012, ISO 9013:2002, ISO 898-1:2013, ISO 7788:1985, ISO 12100, ISO 286-2:2010, ISO 15330:1999, ISO 148-1:2009, ISO 8686-5, ISO 5817:2014, ISO 17659:2002, ISO 273:1979
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 630, ISO 10721-1:1997, ISO 4951-3, ISO 4950-1, ISO 6930-1, ISO 4951-2, ISO 4951-1
International RelationshipsISO 20332:2016
Amended ByCorrigendum, December 2018
DescriptorsDesign, Materials handling equipment, Structures, Cranes, Mathematical calculations, Safety measures, Verification, Fatigue, Stress analysis, Steels, Structural design, Hazards, Equipment safety, Structural systems, Structural members, Lifting equipment
Title in FrenchAppareils de levage à charge suspendue. Vérification d’aptitude des charpentes en acier
ISBN978 0 539 03195 9
File Size3.812 MB

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