BS EN ISO 12679:2015 Thermal spraying. Recommendations for thermal spraying

BS EN ISO 12679:2015

Thermal spraying. Recommendations for thermal spraying

Status : Current   Published : June 2005



What is this standard about?

This International Standard includes general guidelines for the workmanlike production of metallic, metal-ceramic, oxide-ceramic and plastic coatings, by means of thermal spraying on metallic and nonmetallic parent materials.

This International Standard provides recommendations for an appropriate and practical spray set-up, faultless manufacturing, monitoring, quality assurance and for non-destructive and destructive tests on the component and accompanying specimen. It describes details about negative effects which can occur. It also gives advice on how to prevent such effects.

Permissible coating loads and evaluation categories for quality are not the subject of this International Standard, as they are dependent on the operating conditions.

This International Standard can be used for contract purposes.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 12679:2015
TitleThermal spraying. Recommendations for thermal spraying
Publication Date24 June 2005
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 14231, ISO 14920, ISO 14924, ISO 14919, ISO 14232, ISO 14923, ISO 14922-2, ISO 14922-4, ISO 14922-3, ISO 14922-1, ISO 14921, ISO 14918, ISO 3452-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 17836, EN 12074, ISO 8503-1, ISO 10474, ISO 14919, ISO 12690, ISO 9001, ISO 6506-1, ISO 8501-1, ISO 6508-1, BS EN 13507:2018, BS EN ISO 11124-2:2018, EN 13507:2018, ISO 11124-2:2018, ISO 14917:2017, BS EN ISO 11126-7:2018, ISO 6507-1, ISO 11126-7:2018
ReplacesBS 4761:1971, BS EN 14616:2004
International RelationshipsEN ISO 12679:2015,ISO 12679:2011
Amended ByCorrigendum, October 2018; Corrigendum, October 2018
DescriptorsOxides, Destructive testing, Ceramics, Coatings, Quality assurance systems, Metals, Plastics, Non-destructive testing, Metal coatings, Spraying (coating), Metal spraying
Title in FrenchProjection thermique. Recommandations pour la projection thermique
Title in GermanThermisches Spritzen. Empfehlungen für das thermische Spritzen
ISBN978 0 539 02678 8
File Size494 KB

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