BS 95009:2019 Public sector procurement. Generic requirements for organizations providing products and services

BS 95009:2019

Public sector procurement. Generic requirements for organizations providing products and services

Status : Current   Published : May 2019



What is this standard about?

It’s widely felt that the value for money, quality, ethics and transparency of UK public sector procurement can be improved. This standard will help by specifying criteria which enable organizations of any size to demonstrate their generic suitability and capacity to meet the requirements of the contracting authority.

The aim is to simplify the tender process, reduce duplication of effort and make public sector tendering more accessible to smaller organizations. At the same time, procuring bodies can use the standard as a template for the generic parts of all tender processes. It will enable them to quickly assess potential suppliers and to build contracts that are simpler and more focussed.  

Who is this standard for?

Any organization in the supply chain. It will be of specific interest to SMEs which have felt in the past that public sector procurement processes were too onerous, rigid or complex. It will also interest organizations which outsource or procure.

Why should you use this standard?

This is the first generic, non-sector specific standard for procurement in the public sector. It is a new tool with which to both simplify and strengthen the public sector procurement process. 

The standard specifies criteria to demonstrate an organization’s:

a) Suitability as an external provider of products and services to the public sector

b) Ability to reliably deliver products and services that meet the requirements of the contracting authority

The requirements are generic and apply to any organization, regardless of the type, size or the nature of its activities. The criteria can be used by both organizations contracting out provision of products and services to external providers and organizations acting as external providers.

The standard supplies three levels of conformity. Level one provides smaller or less mature organizations with a simple route into the public sector supply chain wherein they can demonstrate their commitment to trustworthiness, transparency and ethical practice. Level two requires a greater depth of evidence while Level three demands the highest degree of evidence but is only necessary for the most high risk, high value or complex contracts.  

Use of the standard will:

  • Simplify public sector procurement
  • Reduce bureaucracy
  • Ensure due diligence on fundamental issues
  • Provide assurance to the public that contracts are awarded fairly to trustworthy organizations which will deliver as required and offer value for money without compromising quality

Standard NumberBS 95009:2019
TitlePublic sector procurement. Generic requirements for organizations providing products and services
Publication Date29 May 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN ISO 14001, BS EN ISO 9001, BS 13500, BS EN ISO 9000, BS ISO 10002, BS ISO 31000, BS EN ISO 27001, BS ISO 20400, BS ISO 10001, BS ISO IEC/IEEE 24765, BS ISO 10004, BS ISO 26000, BS ISO 10003, BS ISO 30401
Draft Superseded By19/30383866 DC
DescriptorsProducts, Procurement, Organizations, Public enterprises, Public sector
ISBN978 0 539 02516 3
File Size647 KB

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