BS ISO 11036:2020 - Sensory analysis. Methodology. Texture profile

BS ISO 11036:2020

Sensory analysis. Methodology. Texture profile

Status : Current   Published : June 2020



This document specifies a method for developing a texture profile of food products (solids, semi-solids, liquids) or non-food products (e.g. cosmetics).

This method is one approach to sensory texture profile analysis and other methods exist. This method describes various steps in the process of establishing a complete description of the textural attributes of a product.

This method is applicable to:

  1. screening and training assessors;

  2. orientating assessors through the development of definitions and evaluation techniques for textural characteristics;

  3. characterizing the textural attributes of a product in order to establish its standard profile and to discern any later changes;

  4. improving old products and developing new products;

  5. studying various factors that can affect the textural attributes of a product, e.g. changes in process, time, temperature, ingredients, packaging or shelf-life, and storage conditions;

  6. comparing a product with another similar product to determine the nature and intensity of textural differences;

  7. correlating sensory and instrumental and/or physical measurements.

Standard NumberBS ISO 11036:2020
TitleSensory analysis. Methodology. Texture profile
Publication Date01 June 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 8586, ISO 5492, ISO 8589
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 13299, ISO 4121, ISO 11035, ISO 6658
International RelationshipsISO 11036:2020
Draft Superseded By19/30382885 DC
DescriptorsAnalysis, Profile, Texture, Methodology, Sensory analysis
Title in FrenchAnalyse sensorielle. Méthodologie. Profil de la texture
ISBN978 0 539 02269 8
File Size1.532 MB

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