19/30382811 DC - BS ISO 22014. Library objects for architecture, engineering, construction and use

19/30382811 DC

BS ISO 22014. Library objects for architecture, engineering, construction and use

Status : Current, Draft for public comment   Published : September 2019



This standard gives recommendations for defining format and content for library objects to support project briefing, design, tendering, construction and management of built assets, supporting the development of information throughout the process, giving principles and definitions for the symbolic and simplified visual presentation of objects in connection with Building Information Modelling (BIM), and their organization into libraries.

A library object is intended for re-use within project teams and across organizations. This serves to improve accuracy and buildability of designs, and to improve the handover of information through the procurement chain to the owner/operator. Objects and their corresponding graphical symbols are today commonly provided in digital format by BIM software. Objects combining properties, shape and symbols offer scope for greater accuracy and efficiency.

Currently available technology gives the opportunity to adjust the views of objects (content and visual presentation) to the many purposes that occur during the lifecycle of a BIM model, and to connect symbol graphics to objects. This standard is intended to give a framework for the presentation of model objects, with respect to those purposes, and the structuring of symbols into symbol libraries.

  • It establishes requirements for defining template objects, generic objects and product objects in data-driven library and design processes.

  • It establishes requirements for symbols and other graphic conventions for use on drawings for the construction industry. It also describes a rationale of symbolism which establishes rules for the design of symbols and other graphic conventions, and gives recommendations for the application of those rules and the ways in which symbolism should be used.

  • This standard covers purposes for characterizing the shape and measurement of library objects.

  • This standard covers purposes for specifying and assessing properties for library objects. It defines the information appropriate for specific uses including specification of the desired outcome (typically by designers and engineers) and the selection of identified products (typically by contractors and sub-contractors). It also gives recommendations for the application of assemblies in integrated BIM working.

This standard is intended for all professionals and service providers who produce and use library objects with generic and product specific data. This group includes, but is not limited to, product manufacturers and suppliers, library authors, designers and engineers, contractors, owners, maintainers and commissioners.

Standard Number19/30382811 DC
TitleBS ISO 22014. Library objects for architecture, engineering, construction and use
StatusCurrent, Draft for public comment
Publication Date06 September 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 13567-1, ISO 13567-2, IEC 81346-2, ISO 128-20, ISO 5456-3, ISO 5456-1, ISO 29481-1, ISO 12006-3, IEC 81346-1, ISO 5456-2, ISO 81346-12, ISO 12006-2, ISO 5456-4, ISO 80000-1, ISO 16739, ISO 6707-1, ISO 24156-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 16757-1, ISO 639-2, ISO 10303-28, ISO 15686-4, ISO 14084-1, ISO 15519-2, ISO 15519-1, ISO 15686-6, ISO/TS 12911, ISO 4157 (all parts), IEC 81346-1, IEC 81346-2, ISO 29481-1, ISO 81346-12, ISO 128 (all parts), ISO 16739, ISO 14084-2, ISO 10303-21, ISO 10628 (all parts), ISO 12006-2, ISO 19650, ISO 12006-3
International RelationshipsISO/DIS 22014
Draft Expiry Date30 October 2019
DescriptorsLibraries, Architecture, Construction, Design, Management
Title in FrenchObjets de bibliothèque pour l'architecture, l'ingénierie, la construction et l'utilisation
File Size1.903 MB
NotesWarning: this draft is not current beyond its expiry date for comments.

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