ISO/TR 56004:2019 Innovation Management Assessment. Guidance

PD ISO/TR 56004:2019

Innovation Management Assessment. Guidance

Status : Current   Published : February 2019



What is this standard about?

This Innovation Management standard will help the user understand why it is beneficial to carry out an Innovation Management Assessment (IMA), what to assess, how to carry out the IMA, and thus maximize the resulting benefits, which are universally applicable to:

  • organizations seeking sustained success in their innovation activities;
  • organizations performing IMAs;
  • users and other interested parties (e.g. customers, suppliers, partners, funding organizations, universities and public authorities) seeking confidence in an organization's ability to manage innovation effectively;
  • interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding of Innovation Management (IM), via an assessment;
  • providers of training, assessment, or advice in IM;
  • developers of related standards;
  • academics interested in research related to IMA.

Further, this document is intended to be applicable to:

  • all types of organizations, regardless of sector, age, size, or country;
  • all approaches to IM regardless of their level of sophistication, and complexity;
  • all modalities of managing innovation whether centralized or decentralized;
  • all ways to innovate, e.g. internal, collaborative, open, user-, market- or technology-driven innovation;
  • all types of innovation such as product, service, process, business model, organizational innovation from incremental to radical.

For details on specific innovation and innovation management tools or techniques, consult ISO 56003, ‘Innovation management — Tools and methods for innovation partnership — Guidance’ and following documents in the series.

Standard NumberPD ISO/TR 56004:2019
TitleInnovation Management Assessment. Guidance
Publication Date06 February 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)CEN/TS 16555-1, CEN/TS 16555-4, ISO/TR 56004, ISO 56005, ISO 56002, ISO 56000, CEN/TS 16555-2, ISO 56003, CEN/TS 16555-7, ISO 31000, ISO 56006, CEN/TS 16555-3, ISO 21500, CEN/TS 16555-5, CEN/TS 16555-6
International RelationshipsISO/TR 56004:2019
DescriptorsEnterprises, Companies, Business companies, Organizations, Management
Title in FrenchÉvaluation du management de l'innovation. Lignes directrices
ISBN978 0 539 01792 2
File Size2.182 MB

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