18/30380743 DC - BS EN 61439-1. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Part 1. General rules

18/30380743 DC

BS EN 61439-1. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Part 1. General rules

Status : Current, Draft for public comment   Published : July 2018



Standard Number18/30380743 DC
TitleBS EN 61439-1. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Part 1. General rules
StatusCurrent, Draft for public comment
Publication Date13 July 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60364-4-44:2007, IEC 60529:1989/AMD2:2013, IEC TR 60890:2014, IEC 60364-5-53:2001, IEC 60439, IEC 60364, IEC 60947-1, IEC 60073:2002, IEC 60364-4-41:2005, IEC 60364-4-41:2005/AMD1:2017, IEC 60364-4-44:2007/AMD2:2018, IEC 60529:1989 Cons Ed 2-1, IEC 60695-2-10:2013, IEC 60664-1:2007, IEC 60364-5-51:2005 Ed 5, IEC 60068-2-2:2007, IEC 60529:1989/AMD1:1999, IEC 60447:2004, IEC 60068-2-11:1981, IEC 60085:2007, IEC 60364-5-53:2001/AMD2:2015, IEC 60364-4-44:2007/AMD1:2015, IEC 60068-2-30:2005, IEC 60445:2017, IEC 60364-5-52:2009, IEC 60695-2-11:2014, IEC 60364-5-53:2001/AMD1:2002, IEC 60865-1:2011
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60050-426:2008, IEC 60112:2003/AMD1:2009, IEC 60227-4:1992, IEC 60050-151:2001, IEC 60050-161:1990, IEC 60245-4:2011, IEC 60227-3:1993/AMD1:1997, IEC 60050-826:2004, IEC 60050-151:2001/AMD1:2013, IEC 60038:2009, IEC 60245-3:1994, IEC 60364-5-54:2011, IEC 60050-442:1998, IEC 60050-195:1998, IEC 60227-4:1992/AMD1:1997, IEC 60050-151:2001/AMD2:2014, IEC 60050-614:2016, IEC 60050-441:1984, IEC 60112:2003, IEC 60050-601:1985, IEC 60216, IEC 60204-1:2018, IEC 60204, IEC 60417:2002
International RelationshipsIEC 61439-1 Ed.3.0
Draft Expiry Date28 August 2018
DescriptorsInstallation, Electric shocks, Electric terminals, Electrical equipment, Environment (working), Instructions for use, Marking, Classification systems, Electrical connections, Inspection, Temperature measurement, Access, Rated voltage, Electric conductors, Electrical protection equipment, Low-voltage equipment, Type testing, Electronic equipment and components, Electric control equipment, Electromagnetic compatibility, Name plates, Clearances, Leakage paths, Approval testing, Rated frequencies, Electrical properties of materials, Electrical testing, Testing conditions, Electrical insulation, Performance testing, Impulse-voltage tests, Rated current, Circuits, Dielectric-strength tests, Electrical safety, Dielectric properties, Temperature rise, Voltage measurement, Verification, Switchgear
File Size1.104 MB
NotesWarning: this draft is not current beyond its expiry date for comments.

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