BS 4N 100-1:1999+A3:2018 Aircraft oxygen systems and equipment. Design and installation

BS 4N 100-1:1999+A3:2018

Aircraft oxygen systems and equipment. Design and installation

Status : Current   Published : October 1999



What is this standard about?

This part of BS 4N 100 specifies the general design requirements for airborne oxygen breathing systems, including oxygen storage and generation equipment and ground support equipment. New tests are specified for compatibility of materials for use in the presence of oxygen. This part also provides some guidance and recommendations on the design and installation of items of equipment for use in oxygen systems.

NOTE The guidance and recommendations contained herein may be used equally well in non-aerospace applications.

In addition, for all equipment for aircraft oxygen systems, conformance to the relevant parts, sections and sub-sections of BS G 100 is specified.

Standard NumberBS 4N 100-1:1999+A3:2018
TitleAircraft oxygen systems and equipment. Design and installation
Publication Date15 October 1999
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS N 2, BS G 100-2.3.3, BS N 100-6, BS C 5, BS N 100-5, BS N 100-3, BS C 20, BS N 100-2, BS M 23, BS G 100-2.3.0, BS N 100-7
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS N 100, BS N 100-4, BS 5N 100-7
ReplacesBS 3N 100:1985
Amended ByAmendment, December 2018; Amendment, July 2007
Draft Superseded By18/30377853 DC
DescriptorsValves, Pressure regulators, Pipe connections, Air safety, Design, Pipe couplings, Filters, Brazed joints, Control knobs, Marking, Climatic hazards, Strength of materials, Oxygen masks, Gas circuits, Moisture, Service pressure, Pressure control, Control switches, Mechanical properties of materials, Ice, Cleaning, Oxygen, Chemical-resistant materials, Safety measures, Air transport engineering, Aircraft components, Breathing apparatus, Joints, Installation, Soldered joints, Working range, Maintenance, Equipment safety, Identification methods, Welded joints, Pipework systems, Compatibility
ISBN978 0 539 01057 2
File Size341 KB

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