20/30377368 DC - BS EN ISO 22476. Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Part 4. Prebored pressuremeter test by Ménard procedure

20/30377368 DC

BS EN ISO 22476. Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Part 4. Prebored pressuremeter test by Ménard procedure

Status : Current   Published : July 2020



This document deals with equipment requirements, the execution of and reporting on the Ménard pressuremeter test.


This part of ISO 22476 fulfils the requirement for the Ménard pressuremeter test, as part of geotechnical investigation and testing according to EN 1997-1 and EN 1997-2.

The present document describes the procedure for conducting a Ménard pressuremeter test in natural soils, treated or untreated fills and in rocks, either on land or off-shore.

The pressuremeter tests results of this document are suited to a quantitative determination of ground strength and deformation parameters. They may yield lithological information in conjunction with measuring while drilling performed when creating the hole (according to EN ISO 22476-15). They can also be combined with direct investigation (e;g; sampling according to EN ISO 22475-1) or compared with other in situ tests (see EN 1997-2, P, 4.1 (1) P and 4.2.3(2) P).

The Ménard pressuremeter test is performed by the radial expansion of a cylindrical probe of a minimum slenderness of 6, placed in the ground (see Figure 1). During the injection of the liquid volume in the probe, the inflation of the measuring cell first brings the outer cover of the probe into contact with the pocket wall and then presses on them resulting in a soil displacement. Pressure applied to, and the associated radial expansion of the probe are measured either by volume or radial transducers and recorded so as to obtain the stress-strain relationship of the soil as tested.

Together with results of investigations with EN ISO 22475-1 being available or at least with identification and description of the ground according to ISO 14688-1 and ISO 14689-1 obtained during the pressuremeter test operations, the tests results of this document are suited for the quantitative determination of a ground profile, including

  1. the Ménard pressuremeter modulus EM,

  2. the Ménard pressuremeter limit pressure pLM and

  3. the Ménard creep pressure pf.

This Standard refers to a probe historically described as the 60 mm (also called BX) G type probe with a pressure limitation of 5 MPa. If specified by the relevant authority or agreed for a specific project by the relevant parties, a higher pressure limitation may be required.


G type probe refers to probes with an external cover creating guard cells (see 4.2).


Ménard pressuremeter tests can be carried out with other diameter probes such as 32, 44 and 76 mm probes.


Example of other probe and pocket drilling dimensions are indicated below:

[This table has been removed.]

Standard Number20/30377368 DC
TitleBS EN ISO 22476. Geotechnical investigation and testing. Field testing. Part 4. Prebored pressuremeter test by Ménard procedure
Publication Date06 July 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 22476-5, EN ISO 22475-1, ENV 13005:1999, EN ISO 24283-2, EN ISO 24283-3, ISO 14689, EN ISO 22476-15, EN ISO 24283-1, EN ISO 22476-8, ISO 14688-1, EN ISO 10012
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 1997-2, EN 1997-1
International RelationshipsISO/DIS 22476-4
Draft Expiry Date29 August 2020
DescriptorsRocks, Land pollution, Quarries, Planning, Soil drilling, Excavations, Soil testing, Personnel, Soil-testing equipment, Classification systems, Geology, Density measurement, Safety measures, Symbols, Soil surveys, Physical testing, Land, Log sheets, Hydrology, Laboratory testing, Occupational safety, Industrial, Site investigations, Mining, Extraction (minerals), Soils, Sampling methods, Defects, Construction operations, Field testing, Quality assurance, Ecology, Soil sampling, Samples, Selection, Geophysical measurement, Reports, Mechanical testing, Aerial photography, Sampling equipment, Geological analysis, Ground water, Design, Test specimens, Surveys
Title in FrenchReconnaissance et essais géotechniques — Essais en place — Partie 4: Essai au pressiomètre Ménard Partie 4: Essai au pressiomètre Ménard
File Size3.393 MB
NotesWarning: this draft is not current beyond its expiry date for comments.

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