BS EN ISO 3251:2019 - Paints, varnishes and plastics. Determination of non-volatile-matter content

BS EN ISO 3251:2019

Paints, varnishes and plastics. Determination of non-volatile-matter content

Status : Current   Published : June 2019



This document specifies a method for determining the non-volatile-matter content by mass of paints, varnishes, binders for paints and varnishes, polymer dispersions and condensation resins such as phenolic resins (resols, novolak solutions etc.).

The method is also applicable to formulated dispersions containing fillers, pigments and other auxiliaries (e.g. thickeners, film-forming agents).


The non-volatile-matter content of a product is not an absolute quantity but depends upon the temperature and period of heating used for the determination. Consequently, when using this method, only relative and not true values for non-volatile-matter content are obtained owing to solvent retention, thermal decomposition and evaporation of low molecular mass constituents. The method is therefore primarily intended for testing different batches of the same type of product.


This method is suitable for synthetic rubber lattices, provided heating for a specific period of time is considered appropriate ( ISO 124 specifies heating until the loss in mass of a 2 g test portion following successive periods of heating is less than 0,5 mg).


In-house methods for determining non-volatile matter often include drying with infrared or microwave radiation. Standardization of such methods is not possible, since they are not generally applicable. Several polymer compositions tend to decompose during such treatment and therefore give incorrect results.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 3251:2019
TitlePaints, varnishes and plastics. Determination of non-volatile-matter content
Publication Date18 June 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 4618, ISO 1513, ISO 124, ISO 15528, ISO 123
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 3233 (all parts), ISO 2431
ReplacesBS EN ISO 3251:2008
International RelationshipsEN ISO 3251:2019,ISO 3251:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30377303 DC
DescriptorsDispersions (chemical), Phenolic resins, Plastics, Non-volatile matter determination, Binding agents, Chemical analysis and testing, Varnishes, Determination of content, Paints
Title in FrenchPeintures, vernis et plastiques - Détermination de la matière non volatile (ISO 3251:2019)
Title in GermanBeschichtungsstoffe und Kunststoffe - Bestimmung des Gehaltes an nichtflüchtigen Anteilen (ISO 3251:2019)
ISBN978 0 539 00916 3
File Size543 KB

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