ISO/TR 21835:2020 - Health informatics. Personal health data generated on a daily basis

ISO/TR 21835:2020

Health informatics. Personal health data generated on a daily basis

Status : Current   Published : June 2020



This document provides an environmental scan of common data elements that are captured through various modalities such as cell phones, smart phones, mobile applications and remote monitoring devices that are combined with EHRs, patient portals and PHR systems which can ultimately be applicable to a variety of healthcare service environments.

The Health-related data can be used to supplement existing clinical data, filling in gaps in information and providing a more comprehensive picture of ongoing patient healthcare.

Standard NumberISO/TR 21835:2020
TitleHealth informatics. Personal health data generated on a daily basis
Publication Date25 June 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO/IEEE 11073-10102, ISO/IEEE 11073-10427, ISO/IEEE 11073-20702, ISO 11073-90101, ISO/IEEE 11073-10422, ISO/IEEE 11073-10441, ISO/IEEE 11073-10201, ISO/IEEE 11073-10471, ISO/IEEE 11073-10421, ISO/IEEE 11073-30200, ISO/IEEE 11073-10418, ISO/IEEE 11073-10415, ISO/IEEE 11073-10408, ISO/IEEE 11073-30400, ISO/IEEE 11073-10407, ISO/IEEE 11073-00103, ISO/IEEE 11073-10419, ISO/IEEE 11073-20701, ISO/IEEE 11073-10442, ISO/IEEE 11073-10425, ISO/IEEE 11073-10207, ISO/IEEE 11073-10101, ISO/IEEE 11073-10103, ISO/IEEE 11073-10404, ISO 11073-91064, ISO/IEEE 11073-10420, ISO/IEEE 11073-20601, ISO/IEEE 11073-30300, ISO/IEEE 11073-10472, ISO/IEEE 11073-20101, ISO/IEEE 11073-10417, ISO/IEEE 11073-10424, ISO 21549-7, ISO/IEEE 11073-10406
Title in FrenchInformatique de santé. Données personnelles de santé générées sur une base journalière
File Size2.906 MB

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