PAS 280:2018 Through-life engineering services. Adding business value through a common framework. Guide

PAS 280:2018

Through-life engineering services. Adding business value through a common framework. Guide

Status : Current   Published : July 2018


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What is this PAS about?

Through-life engineering services (TES) is a way of supporting a asset throughout its life. Historically design, production, operation, maintenance and disposal have been handled separately. TES looks as the whole life of the asset and the necessary support systems to maintain it. It integrates engineering, management and business skills and activities so that the asset is delivered to its end user, throughout its life, at the required capability and availability. 

While large OEMs are becoming familiar with TES, for the UK to fully capitalize on the inherent opportunities, the TES concept needs to be grasped more widely. That’s why this PAS provides a common language and framework to facilitate and promote a universal understanding of TES across the industry sector, particularly among SMEs.

Who is this PAS for?

The PAS is mainly for use by:

  • Manufacturers
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (particularly in manufacturing)
  • Support service providers
  • Senior executive managers
  • End users of major assets
  • It might also be of use to academics and thought leaders.

Why should you use this PAS?

It outlines the activities and capabilities necessary to maximize value for all stakeholders over a major asset’s lifecycle. 

It gives guidance on a common framework for through-life engineering services (TES) and includes planning for the full lifecycle of a major asset in order to meet the customer’s requirements. 

It addresses TES for a major asset across the full supply, operate and support chain (whole-life from concept to disposal) and across the system (end-to-end from customers or service users through tier one suppliers to SMEs, considering products and services offered).  

The framework is designed to enable collaboration through a common vocabulary across the system to deliver the customer requirements of major assets. 

NOTE 1: This PAS may be read in conjunction with BS ISO 55000:2014 and other relevant standards which provide guidance on the business case and lifecycle management of long-life major assets at the level of the business unit. PAS 280 is intended to consider the integration of the business case and business and engineering operations at the level of the enterprise or consortium to the benefit of all participants.

NOTE 2: This PAS encourages collaboration between multiple organizations with a mutual interest in TES. It is assumed that each organization respects the intellectual property rights of others, and that each enters into appropriate agreements where data, information or knowledge needs to be exchanged.

Standard NumberPAS 280:2018
TitleThrough-life engineering services. Adding business value through a common framework. Guide
Publication Date31 July 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015, BS EN 62402:2007, BS ISO 44001:2017, BS ISO 55000:2014, ASD S5000F, ILSDEF STAN 00-600
DescriptorsPlanning, Organizations, Business companies, Life cycle, Assets
ISBN978 0 580 52422 6
File Size5.283 MB

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