BS EN 12953-5 Inspection during construction, documentation and marking of shell boilers

BS EN 12953-5:2020

Shell boilers. Inspection during construction, documentation and marking of pressure parts of the boiler

Status : Current   Published : March 2020



What is BS EN 12953-5:2020 about?

This European standard is the fifth in a 14-part series on shell boilers. BS EN 12953-5:2020 details inspection requirements so that the type of shell boiler covered is consistently safe.

Who is BS EN 12953-5:2020 for?

Industries that require steam or hot water such as process industries, hospitals, large buildings with heating systems and/or process steam; also where auxiliary steam is a start-up requirement for a larger plant (e.g. power plant). The standard will be used by:

  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Plant operators
  • Plant maintenance personnel
  • Inspection authorities

Why should you use BS EN 12953-5:2020?

This European standard ensures that the hazards associated with the operation of shell boilers are reduced to a minimum and that adequate protection is provided to contain the hazards that still prevail when the shell boiler is put into service. Its use will also help manufacturers comply with the European Union’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

The standard specifies requirements for inspection during and after construction, documentation and marking of shell boilers as defined in BS EN 12953-1:2012.

It applies to shell boilers with volumes in excess of 2 litres for the generation of steam and/or hot water at a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0,5 bar and with a temperature in excess of 110 °C. The boilers covered by BS EN 12953-5:2020 are intended for land use for providing steam or hot water.

Protection will be achieved by the proper application of the design, manufacturing, testing and inspection methods and techniques incorporated in the various parts of this standard. Where appropriate, adequate warning of residual hazards and the potential for misuse are given in the training and operating instructions and local to the equipment concerned (see BS EN 12953-7 and BS EN 12953-8).

NOTE 1: It is the manufacturer's responsibility, in addition to complying with the requirements of this standard, to take into consideration special measures which could be necessary in order to achieve by manufacturing the required level of safety in accordance with the PED.

NOTE 2: For other components, such as water tube walls, reference will be made to the BS EN 12952 series.

BS EN 12953-5:2020 can help users achieve UN Sustainable  Development Goal 7 on affordable and clean energy and Goal 11 on safe and sustainable cities and communities.



What’s new about BS EN 12953-5:2020?

This is a full revision of the 2002 standard introducing the following principal changes:

a)       Clause 2: Normative references updated

b)      Clause 3: Definitions added

c)       Clause 5: Inspection and testing completely revised

d)      Clause 6: Documentation, certification and marking revised

e)      Annex A: New annex added – Economizer and/or superheater with water tube design connected to the shell boiler including piping

f)        Annex B: New annex added – Summary of significant technical changes between this European standard and the previous edition

g)       Annex ZA: Relationship between this European standard and the essential requirements of Directive 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment Directive) updated

h)      Bibliography introduced

Standard NumberBS EN 12953-5:2020
TitleShell boilers. Inspection during construction, documentation and marking of pressure parts of the boiler
Publication Date23 March 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 17637:2016, EN ISO 17636-1:2013, EN ISO 5178:2019, EN ISO 9016:2012, EN ISO 3452-1:2013, EN ISO 17639:2013, EN ISO 17636-2:2013, EN ISO 5173:2010, EN ISO 15614-1:2017, EN ISO 23279:2017, EN ISO 5817:2014, EN ISO 6520-1:2007, EN ISO 17638:2016, EN ISO 11666:2018, EN ISO 17640:2018, EN ISO 4136:2012, EN ISO 9712:2012, EN 12953-4:2018, EN 12953-1:2012, EN 764-2:2012, EN 12953-3:2016, EN 13018:2016, EN 764-1:2015+A1:2016
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 12952 (all parts)
ReplacesBS EN 12953-5:2002
International RelationshipsEN 12953-5:2020
Draft Superseded By18/30369695 DC
DescriptorsMarking, Hot-water boilers, Acceptance (approval), Fire-tube boilers, Boilers, Acceptance inspection, Non-destructive testing, Conformity, Welded joints, Quality control, Visual inspection (testing), Inspection, Destructive testing, Pressure testing, Technical documents, Personnel, Steam boilers, Assembling
Title in FrenchChaudières à tubes de fumée Contrôles en cours de construction, documentation et marquage des parties sous pression de la chaudière
Title in GermanGroßwasserraumkessel Prüfung während der Herstellung, Dokumentation und Kennzeichnung für drucktragende Kesselteile
ISBN978 0 580 52142 3
File Size1.514 MB

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