PD CEN/TR 17014-101:2018 - Electronic public procurement. Business interoperability interfaces (BII), e-Tendering. Overview

PD CEN/TR 17014-101:2018

Electronic public procurement. Business interoperability interfaces (BII), e-Tendering. Overview

Status : Current   Published : March 2018



This document provides an overview of eTendering standards in the set Business Interoperability Interfaces (BII) for public procurement. BII eTendering covers the tendering part of the e-procurement chain, starting from subscribing interest in a business opportunity till concluding the contract. BII focus on exchange of information between business partners. This brings in scope all electronic communication between a contracting authority and an economic operator. Back-office information processing, like the evaluation of tenders, is out of scope. To ensure interoperability each electronic communication will be described as follows: - A procurement procedure guideline identifies the position of the transactions in a procedure; - A choreography describes the sequence of transactions; - A transaction describes all information elements exchanged between business partners; - A syntax implementation guideline (SIG) provides the syntax bindings needed to implement the transaction.

Standard NumberPD CEN/TR 17014-101:2018
TitleElectronic public procurement. Business interoperability interfaces (BII), e-Tendering. Overview
Publication Date28 March 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)CEN/TR 17013-101
International RelationshipsCEN/TR 17014-101:2018
DescriptorsTrade, Procurement, Logistics, Electronic devices, Purchasing
Title in FrenchMarchés publics électroniques. Interfaces d'interopérabilité commerciale. Appel d’offres - Partie 101: Vue d’ensemble
Title in GermanElektronisches öffentliches Beschaffungswesen. Schnittstellen für Geschäftsinteroperabilität (BII), e-Tenderingt Überblick
ISBN978 0 580 51079 3
File Size752 KB

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