BS EN IEC 61158-1:2019 - Industrial communication networks. Fieldbus specifications. Overview and guidance for the IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 series

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BS EN IEC 61158-1:2019

Industrial communication networks. Fieldbus specifications. Overview and guidance for the IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 series

Status : Current   Published : June 2019



IEC 61158-1:2019 (E) specifies the generic concept of fieldbuses. This document presents an overview and guidance for the IEC 61158 series explaining the structure and content of the IEC 61158 series, relating the structure of the IEC 61158 series to the ISO/IEC 7498-1 OSI Basic Reference Model and showing how to use parts of the IEC 61158 series in combination with the IEC 61784 series. It also provides explanations of some aspects of the IEC 61158 series that are common to the type specific parts of the IEC 61158 5 including the application layer service description concepts and the generic fieldbus data types.

This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2014. This edition constitutes a technical revision.
This edition includes the following significant changes with respect to the previous edition:
• updates of the references to and information about the IEC 61158 series, IEC 61784 1, IEC 61784 3, IEC 61784-5 series and IEC 61918 throughout the document;
• new Type 25 and the related profile family CPF 20;
• new Type 26 and the related profile family CPF 21.

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 61158-1:2019
TitleIndustrial communication networks. Fieldbus specifications. Overview and guidance for the IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 series
Publication Date12 June 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 61158-4-14:2014, IEC 61158-2:2014, IEC 61158-3-2:2014, IEC 61158-3-7:2007, EN 61158-2:2014, IEC 61158-4-1:2014, IEC 61158-4-13:2014, EN 60793-2-30:2015, EN 61158-3-16:2008, EN 60793-2-40:2016, EN 61158-3-14:2014, IEC 61158-3-21:201X, IEC 61158-3-2:2014/AMD1:201X, EN 61131-2, IEC 61158-4-3:201X, EN IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61158-3-12, IEC 61158-4-2:201X, IEC 61158-3-25:201X, EN 61158-3-4, EN 61158-3-12, IEC 61158-4-4:201X, IEC 61158 (all parts), IEC 61131-2, IEC 61158-4-12:201X, IEC 61158-3-4, IEC 61158-3-12:201X, IEC 61158-3-4:201X, IEC 61158-3-19:201X, IEC 61000-6-2, EN 61158-3-8:2008, EN 61158-3-3:2014, IEC 61158-4-7:2007, IEC 61158-3-14:2014, IEC 61158-3-24:2014, IEC 60793-2-30:2015, EN 61158-3-2:2014, IEC 61158-3-17:2007, IEC 61158-3-8:2007, IEC 61158-3-13:2014, IEC 61158-3-1:2014, IEC 61158-4-8:2007, IEC 61158-3-18:2007, EN 61158-3-11:2008, IEC 61158-3-20:2014, EN 61158-3-13:2014, IEC 61158-3-22:2014, IEC 61158-3-11:2007, IEC 61158-3-16:2007, EN 61158-3-7:2008, IEC 61158-4-11:2014, IEC 61158-3-3:2014, IEC 60793-2-40:2015, EN 61158-3-1:2014
ReplacesBS EN 61158-1:2014
International RelationshipsEN IEC 61158-1:2019,IEC 61158-1:2019
Draft Superseded By21/30363381 DC
DescriptorsProcess control, Interfaces (data processing), Data transmission, Microprocessors, Communication networks, Automatic control systems, Industrial, Data processing, Open systems interconnection, Bus networks, Computer networks, Communication procedures, Fieldbus
Title in FrenchRéseaux de communication industriels. Spécifications des bus de terrain Présentation et lignes directrices des séries CEI 61158 et CEI 61784
Title in GermanIndustrielle Kommunikationsnetze. Feldbusse Überblick und Leitfaden zu den Normen der Reihe IEC 61158 und IEC 61784
ISBN978 0 580 99208 7
File Size2.655 MB

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