PD CLC/TR 50542-1:2018 - Railway applications. Driver's cab train display controller (TDC). General architecture

PD CLC/TR 50542-1:2018

Railway applications. Driver's cab train display controller (TDC). General architecture

Status : Current   Published : May 2018



In accordance with the ERTMS/ETCS specifications, Subset 121, UIC 612 leaflet, ERA_ERTMS_015560 document, EN 50126 and EN 61375 series requirements, this Technical Report describes the Train Display System (TDS) in the driver’s cab, and the link between the TDS/TDC and some of its interfaces (Blue box and blue links only): [figure] Figure 1 - Functional architecture The scope of this document is to define the functional architecture around the TDC. This Technical Report excludes the following items: - Communication protocols (e.g. EN 61375 series); - Ergonomic aspects; - Interface with ETCS (Subset 121); - Train functions; - GSM-R EIRENE functions; - Use of the displays as terminals for maintenance purpose.

Standard NumberPD CLC/TR 50542-1:2018
TitleRailway applications. Driver's cab train display controller (TDC). General architecture
Publication Date15 May 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 61375 (series), EN 50155, EN 50126 (series), EN 16186-3, EN 50128, EN 50159, UIC 612 series
ReplacesPD CLC/TR 50542-1:2014
International RelationshipsCLC/TR 50542-1:2018
DescriptorsRailway equipment, Interfaces (data processing), Information exchange, Railway vehicles, Control systems, Communication equipment, Telecommunication, Messages, Safety devices, Data transfer, Data processing, Signal transmission, Process interface system, Rail safety, Railway control systems, Open systems interconnection, Control devices
Title in FrenchApplications ferroviaires. Contrôleur d'écrans de cabine Architecture générale
Title in GermanBahnanwendungen. Display-Steuereinheit für Führerräume Allgemeine Architektur
ISBN978 0 580 98995 7
File Size685 KB

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