BS EN 50470-3:2006+A1:2018 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). Particular requirements. Static meters for active energy (class indexes A, B and C)

BS EN 50470-3:2006+A1:2018

Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). Particular requirements. Static meters for active energy (class indexes A, B and C)

Status : Current, Under review   Published : December 2006



What is this standard about?

This European Standard applies to newly manufactured static watt-hour meters intended for residential, commercial and light industrial use, of class indexes A, B and C, for the measurement of alternating current electrical active energy in 50 Hz networks. It specifies particular requirements and type test methods.

It applies to static watt-hour meters for indoor and outdoor application, consisting of a measuring element and register(s) enclosed together in a meter case. It also applies to operation indicator(s) and test output(s).

If the meter has (a) measuring element(s) for more than one type of energy (multi-energy meters), or when other functional elements, like maximum demand indicators, electronic tariff registers, time switches, ripple control receivers, data communication interfaces etc. are enclosed in the meter case (multi-function meters) then this standard applies only for the active energy metering part.

This standard distinguishes between:

– meters of class indexes A, B and C;

– direct connected and transformer operated meters;

– meters for use in networks equipped with or without earth fault neutralizers.

It does not apply to:

– watt-hour meters where the voltage across the connection terminals exceeds 600 V (line-toline voltage for meters for polyphase systems);

– portable meters;

– reference meters.

The safety aspect is covered by EN 62052-31:2016.

Regarding acceptance tests see EN 62058-11:2010 and EN 62058-31:2010.

The dependability aspect is covered by the documents of the IEC 62059 series.

Standard NumberBS EN 50470-3:2006+A1:2018
TitleElectricity metering equipment (a.c.). Particular requirements. Static meters for active energy (class indexes A, B and C)
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date29 December 2006
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 50470-1:2006/A1:2018, IEC 62052-31:2015, EN 62059-41:2006, IEC 62059-41:2006, EN 62052-31:2016, EN 50470-1:2006
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 62059-31, EN 62053-61:1998, IEC TR 60736:1982, IEC 62058-31:2008, EN 62053-22 (IEC 62053-22:2003) AS, IEC 62053-22:2003, IEC 62053-61:1998, EN 62058-11:2010, EN 62053-21 (IEC 62053-21:2003) AS, IEC TR 62059-21:2002, EN 62058-31:2010, IEC 62058-11:2008, IEC TR 62059-11:2002, IEC 62053-21:2003
International RelationshipsEN 50470-3:2006/A1:2018
Amended ByAmendment, January 2019
DescriptorsMechanical testing, Power measurement (electric), Electrical testing, Energy consumption, Wattmeters, Electric power (wattage), Durability, Computer software, Electrostatic devices, Reliability, Alternating current, Environmental testing, Accuracy, Electrically-operated devices, Electricity supply meters, Meters
Title in FrenchEquipement de comptage d'électricité (c.a.) Prescriptions particulières. Compteurs statiques d'énergie active (classes de précision A, B et C)
Title in GermanWechselstrom-Elektrizitätszähler Besondere Anforderungen. Elektronische Wirkverbrauchszähler der Genauigkeitsklassen A, B und C
ISBN978 0 580 98723 6
File Size1.26 MB

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