BS ISO 11171:2020 - Hydraulic fluid power. Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids

BS ISO 11171:2020

Hydraulic fluid power. Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids

Status : Current   Published : November 2020



This document specifies procedures for the following:

  1. primary particle-sizing calibration for particle sizes 1 µm(c) and larger, sensor resolution and counting performance of liquid automatic particle counters that are capable of analysing bottle samples;

  2. secondary particle-sizing calibration using suspensions verified with a primary calibrated APC;

  3. establishing acceptable operation and performance limits;

  4. verifying particle sensor performance using a test dust;

  5. determining coincidence and flow rate limits.

This document is applicable for use with hydraulic fluids, aviation and diesel fuels, engine oil and other petroleum-based fluids. This document is not applicable to particle-sizing calibration using NIST SRM 2806b primary calibration suspensions.

Standard NumberBS ISO 11171:2020
TitleHydraulic fluid power. Calibration of automatic particle counters for liquids
Publication Date20 November 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 16889, ISO 3722, ISO 5598, ISO 4787, ISO 12103-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO/TR 4808, MIL-PRF-5606, ISO/TR 4813, ISO/TR 22681, ISO 21501-3
ReplacesBS ISO 11171:2016
International RelationshipsISO 11171:2020
Draft Superseded By20/30358613 DC
DescriptorsSuspensions (chemical), Performance, Data representation, Working fluids, Error analysis, Particle size measurement, Contaminants, Automatic, Testing conditions, Mathematical calculations, Measuring instruments, Hydraulic fluids, Resolution, Dust, Identification methods, Accuracy, Flow measurement, Size classification, Counting, Test equipment, Hydraulic transmission systems, Particle size distribution, Liquids, Technical data sheets, Particulate materials, Calibration, Flow rates, Verification, Test specimens
Title in FrenchTransmissions hydrauliques. Étalonnage des compteurs automatiques de particules en suspension dans les liquides
ISBN978 0 580 98070 1
File Size3.981 MB

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