PD 6689:2017 Surface treatments. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12271 and BS EN 12273

PD 6689:2017

Surface treatments. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12271 and BS EN 12273. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12271 and BS EN 12273

Status : Current   Published : November 2017



What is this published document (PD) about?

Public bodies must give priority to buying road surface dressing and slurry surfacing products with a CE mark and Declaration of Performance. This document gives UK guidance on using the two European standards which specify the necessary performance requirements and installation control procedures for such products.

It will also help anyone involved in specifying or delivering UK road surfaces or other trafficked areas to choose products that suit environmental conditions and achieve safer and more durable results that are not over-specified.

Who is this PD for?

  • Specifiers
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Material suppliers
  • Consultants
  • Test houses
  • UK highway authorities and their supply chain partners
  • Local Government Technical Advisors
  • Highway engineers
  • Airport operators

Why should you use this PD?

Because it advises public bodies on necessary road network end-performance categories, this is the UK’s most important maintenance document for the majority of roads.

Its guidance:

  • Enables appropriate products to be provided to suit environmental conditions
  • Helps ensure expected service life (durability) is achieved, thereby satisfying health and safety requirements and making the whole-life asset management process more efficient
  • Provides a template to help local authorities specify products which harmonize sometimes conflicting requirements and prevent over-specification (minimizing the use of scarce/expensive resources)
  • Helps highway authorities specify the level of end-performance required for different road classes – the BS EN standards only prescribe different performance categories. They do not advise what level of performance is required for a particular end-use

What’s changed since the last update?

  • Sections on surface dressing and slurry surfacing are updated
  • The introduction explains new details about the CPR, Declaration of Performance and CE marking
  • Tables 1, 3, 7, 8 and 9 are updated
  • Performance categories section is updated
  • Section on binders and chippings (aggregates) for surface dressing is updated to include reference to BS EN 13808 for cationic emulsion binders and CE marking application
  • Information on the binder aggregate adhesivity test is updated
  • The installation section is updated with new guidance on tolerance and accuracy of rate of spread of binder and chippings
  • New information sheets are included for surface dressing regarding information to be provided by the purchaser for the producer to tender
  • The section on materials for slurry surfacings is updated
  • The section on design for slurry surfacings is updated
  • The factory production control (FPC) section for slurry surfacings is updated
  • New information sheets are included for slurry surfacings
  • Annex A and Annex B example specifications are updated

Standard NumberPD 6689:2017
TitleSurface treatments. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12271 and BS EN 12273. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12271 and BS EN 12273
Publication Date30 November 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)PD 6682-2:2009, BS EN 12271:2006, BS EN 13808, BS EN 12272-1, BS EN 12274-2, BS EN 12272-2, BS EN 13043, BS EN 12273, BS EN 12274-8
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 12272-3, BS EN ISO 13473, BS EN 12274-3, Street Works (Northern Ireland) Order 1995, BS 1707, BS EN 12274-5, BS EN 13036-1, BS EN 12274-4, BS 2000-522, BS EN 13588, BS EN 15322, BS EN 12274-7, BS EN 13614
ReplacesPD 6689:2009
Draft Superseded By17/30366702 DC
DescriptorsRoad surfacing, Slurries, Roadstone aggregates, Surface treatment, Construction materials, Surfaces, Bitumens, Durability, Binding agents, Production processes, Quality control, Performance, Roads, Surfacing (exterior spaces), Aggregates
ISBN978 0 580 97981 1
File Size594 KB

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