BS EN ISO 16890-2:2016 - Air filters for general ventilation. Measurement of fractional efficiency and air flow resistance

BS EN ISO 16890-2:2016

Air filters for general ventilation. Measurement of fractional efficiency and air flow resistance

Status : Current, Work in hand   Published : December 2016



This part of ISO 16890 specifies the aerosol production, the test equipment and the test methods used for measuring fractional efficiency and air flow resistance of air filters for general ventilation.

It is intended for use in conjunction with ISO 16890‑1, ISO 16890‑3 and ISO 16890‑4.

The test method described in this part of  ISO 16890 is applicable for air flow rates between 0,25 m 3/s (900 m 3/h, 530 ft 3/min) and 1,5 m 3/s (5 400 m 3/h, 3 178 ft 3/min), referring to a test rig with a nominal face area of 610 mm × 610 mm (24,0 inch × 24,0 inch).

ISO 16890 (all parts) refers to particulate air filter elements for general ventilation having an ePM 1 efficiency less than or equal to 99 % and an ePM 10 efficiency greater than 20 % when tested as per the procedures defined within ISO 16890 (all parts).


The lower limit for this test procedure is set at a minimum ePM 10 efficiency of 20 % since it will be very difficult for a test filter element below this level to meet the statistical validity requirements of this procedure.

Air filter elements outside of this aerosol fraction are evaluated by other applicable test methods, (see ISO 29463 (all parts)).

Filter elements used in portable room-air cleaners are excluded from the scope.

The performance results obtained in accordance with ISO 16890 (all parts) cannot by themselves be quantitatively applied to predict performance in service with regard to efficiency and lifetime.

Standard NumberBS EN ISO 16890-2:2016
TitleAir filters for general ventilation. Measurement of fractional efficiency and air flow resistance
StatusCurrent, Work in hand
Publication Date31 December 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS ISO 21501-4:2018, ISO 21501-4:2018, ISO 16890-4, ISO 5167-1, ISO 29464:2011, ISO 29463, ISO 16890-3, ISO 16890-1, ISO 21501-1
Informative References(Provided for Information)JACA 37, JIS Z 8901, EN 779, 1999/30/EC, ASHRAE 52.2:2012, ISO 12103-1, ASTM D1193, BS EN ISO 14644-3:2019, ISO 2854:1976, ISO 14644-3:2019
ReplacesBS EN 779:2012, DD ISO/TS 21220:2009
Amended ByCorrigendum, March 2017
DescriptorsComparative tests, Dust collectors, Filtration, Ventilation equipment, Particulate materials, Grades (quality), Ventilation, Sampling methods, Aerosols, Air cleaning equipment, Flow measurement, Performance, Air filters, Classification systems, Efficiency, Performance testing, Filters, Dust, Dust control
Title in FrenchFiltres à air de ventilation générale. Mesurage de l'efficacité spectrale et de la résistance à l'écoulement de l'air
Title in GermanLuftfilter für die allgemeine Raumlufttechnik. Ermittlung des Franktionsabscheidegrades und des Durchflusswiderstandes
ISBN978 0 580 97747 3
File Size4.551 MB

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