BS EN 16612:2019 - Glass in building. Determination of the lateral load resistance of glass panes by calculation

BS EN 16612:2019

Glass in building. Determination of the lateral load resistance of glass panes by calculation

Status : Current   Published : November 2019



This document gives a method of determining the design value of the bending strength of glass. It gives the general method of calculation, and guidance for lateral load resistance of linearly supported glazed elements used as infill panels.


Examples of lateral loads are wind loads, snow loads, self weight of sloping glass, and cavity pressure variations on insulating glass units.

This document gives recommended values for the following factors for glass as a material:

— material partial factors, ? M;A and ?M;v ;

— factors for the load duration, kmod ;

— factor for stressed edges, ke.

Most glass in buildings is used as infill panels. This document covers those infill panels that are in a class of consequence lower than those covered in EN 1990, so proposed values for the partial load factors, ?Q and ?G, are given for these infill panels.

The action of cavity pressure variations on insulating glass units is not covered by Eurocodes, so this document also gives proposed values of combination factors, ?0, ?1 and ?2, for this action.

This document does not determine suitability for purpose. Resistance to lateral loads is only one part of the design process, which could also need to take into account:

  • in-plane loading, buckling, lateral torsional buckling, and shear forces,

  • environmental factors (e.g. sound insulation, thermal properties),

  • safety characteristics (e.g. fire performance, mode of breakage in relation to human safety, security).

This document does not apply to channel shaped glass, glass blocks and pavers, or vacuum insulated glass units.

Standard NumberBS EN 16612:2019
TitleGlass in building. Determination of the lateral load resistance of glass panes by calculation
Publication Date04 November 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 1748-2-1, EN 16613, EN 410, EN 13024-1, EN 673, EN 1288-2, EN 1288-3, EN 15681-1, EN 12150-1, EN 572-1, EN 12337-1, EN 14321-1, EN 1991-1-4, EN 14449, EN 1863-1, EN 1748-1-1, EN 1991-1-1, EN 1991-1-3, EN 15682-1, EN 1279-5, EN 14179-1, EN 14178-1, EN 1990:2002
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 12603, EN 1288-1, EN ISO 52022-3:2017
International RelationshipsEN 16612:2019
Draft Superseded By17/30356436 DC
DescriptorsConstruction systems parts, Components, Safety glass, Glazing, Laminates, Construction materials, Fire-resistant materials, Glass, Buildings
Title in FrenchVerre dans la construction. Determination de la resistance des feuilles de verre par calcul et par essai
Title in GermanGlas im Bauwesen. Bestimmung des Belastungswiderstandes von Glasscheiben durch Berechnung und Prüfung
ISBN978 0 580 97580 6
File Size1.15 MB

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