BS IEC 62055-41:2018 - Electricity metering. Payment systems. Standard transfer specification (STS). Application layer protocol for one-way token carrier systems

BS IEC 62055-41:2018

Electricity metering. Payment systems. Standard transfer specification (STS). Application layer protocol for one-way token carrier systems

Status : Current   Published : April 2018



IEC 62055-41:2018 is also available as

IEC 62055-41:2018 RLV

which contains the International Standard and its Redline version, showing all changes of the technical content compared to the previous edition.

IEC 62055-41:2018 specifies the application layer protocol of the standard transfer specification (STS) used for transferring units of credit and other management information from a point of sale (POS) system to an STS-compliant payment meter in a one-way token carrier system. It is primarily intended for application with electricity payment meters without a tariff employing energy-based tokens, but may also have application with currency-based token systems and for services other than electricity. It is intended for use by manufacturers of payment meters that have to accept tokens that comply with the STS and also by manufacturers of POS systems that have to produce STS-compliant tokens and is to be read in conjunction with IEC 62055-5x series. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition of IEC 62055-41, issued in 2014. It constitutes a technical revision. The main technical changes with regard to the previous edition are as follows:
- currency transfer tokens for electricity, water, gas and time metering;
- finer resolution for gas and time credit transfer;
- common code PAN for 2 and 4 digit manufacturer codes;
- reserved MfrCode values for certification and testing purposes;
- provision for DLMS/COSEM as a virtual token carrier type;
- addition of DKGA04, an advanced key derivation function from 160-bit VendingKey;
- withdrawal of DES for EA09 and TDES for DKGA03 cryptographic algorithms, but DES for DKGA02 remains in use;
- addition of MISTY1 cryptographic algorithm using a 128-bit DecoderKey with supporting key change tokens;
- transfer of SGC values to the meter via key change tokens;
- revision of the test/display token requirements;
- revision of the KMS to reflect current best practice;
- revision of the TID roll over management guidelines;
- definition of BaseDate is referenced to Coordinated Universal Time;
- some clarifications and additional examples have been added.

Standard NumberBS IEC 62055-41:2018
TitleElectricity metering. Payment systems. Standard transfer specification (STS). Application layer protocol for one-way token carrier systems
Publication Date13 April 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 62055-52:2008, IEC TR 62051:1999, IEC TR 62055-21:2005, IEC 62055-31:2005, IEC 62055-51:2007, ISO/IEC 7812-1:2017, ISO/IEC 18033-3, ANSI X3.92:1981, NIST SP 800-108, FIPS PUB 46-3:1999, ISO 10118-3, ISO 9797-2
Informative References(Provided for Information)ANSI X9.24, STS 201-1, FIPS PUB 39, FIPS PUB 197, NIST Special Publication 800-108, FIPS PUB 185, FIPS PUB 81, ISO/IEC 7498-1, RFC 4868, FIPS PUB 180-2, ANSI X9.62, STS 402-1, ANSI X9.31, NIST Special Publication 800-38C, FIPS PUB 171, FIPS PUB 198-1, NIST Special Publication 800-2, FIPS PUB 140-2, STS 600-4-2, FIPS PUB 112, ANSI X9.9, FIPS PUB 180-1, ANSI X9.52, ISO/IEC 9545, FIPS PUB 186-2, RFC 4231, ANSI X9.17, STS 401-1, ISO 4217:2015, ISO 16609:2012, FIPS PUB 73, NIST Special Publication 800-20, FIPS PUB 87, ANSI X9.42, ISO 4909, FIPS PUB 198, NIST Special Publication 800-38A, FIPS PUB 74, FIPS PUB 31, FIPS PUB 113, STS 200-1
ReplacesBS IEC 62055-41:2014
International RelationshipsIEC 62055-41:2018
Draft Superseded By18/30355694 DC
DescriptorsPower measurement (electric), Meters, Electricity supply meters, Data transmission, Interfaces (data processing)
Title in FrenchComptage de l'électricité. Systèmes de paiement Spécification de transfert normalisé (STS). Protocole de couche application pour les systèmes de supports de jeton unidirectionnel
ISBN978 0 580 97366 6
File Size2.915 MB

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