BS ISO/IEC 24761:2019 - Information technology. Security techniques. Authentication context for biometrics

BS ISO/IEC 24761:2019

Information technology. Security techniques. Authentication context for biometrics

Status : Current   Published : October 2019



This document defines the structure and the data elements of Authentication Context for Biometrics (ACBio), which is used for checking the validity of the result of a biometric enrolment and verification process executed at a remote site. This document allows any ACBio instance to accompany any biometric processes related to enrolment and verification. The specification of ACBio is applicable not only to single modal biometric enrolment and verification but also to multimodal fusion. The real-time information of presentation attack detection is not provided in this document. Only the assurance information of presentation attack detection (PAD) mechanism can be contained in the BPU report.

Biometric identification is out of the scope of this document.

This document specifies the cryptographic syntax of an ACBio instance. The cryptographic syntax of an ACBio instance is defined in this document applying a data structure specified in Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) schema whose concrete values can be represented using a compact binary encoding. This document does not define protocols to be used between entities such as BPUs, claimant, and validator. Its concern is entirely with the content and encoding of the ACBio instances for the various processing activities.

Standard NumberBS ISO/IEC 24761:2019
TitleInformation technology. Security techniques. Authentication context for biometrics
Publication Date25 October 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO/IEC 2382-37, ISO/IEC 9594-2, ISO/IEC 24745, ISO/IEC 9594-8
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO/IEC 19785-1, ISO/IEC 30107-1, ISO/IEC 7816-11, ISO/IEC 17922, ISO/IEC 30136, ISO/IEC 8824 (all parts), ISO/IEC 7816-4, ISO/IEC 29120-1, ISO/IEC 19792, ISO 19092, ISO/IEC 9834-8, ISO/IEC 19784-1, ISO/IEC 7816-8, ISO/IEC 19785-3, ISO/IEC 19790, ISO/IEC 19795-1
ReplacesBS ISO/IEC 24761:2009
International RelationshipsISO/IEC 24761:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30354865 DC
DescriptorsIdentification methods, Data representation, Verification, Data storage, Data processing, Data security, Human body, Coding (data conversion), Data integrity, Biometrics, Cryptography, Information exchange
Title in FrenchTechnologies de l'information. Techniques de sécurité. Contexte d'authentification biométrique
ISBN978 0 580 97135 8
File Size9.874 MB

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