BS EN IEC 61757:2018 Fibre optic sensors. Generic specification

BS EN IEC 61757:2018

Fibre optic sensors. Generic specification

Status : Current   Published : October 2018



What is this standard about?

This document is a generic specification covering optical fibres, components and subassemblies as they pertain specifically to fibre optic sensing applications. It has been designed to be used as a common working and discussion tool by the vendors of components and subassemblies intended to be integrated in fibre optic sensors, as well as by designers, manufacturers and users of fibre optic sensors independent of any application or installation.

The objective of this document is to define, classify and provide the framework for specifying fibre optic sensors, and their specific components and subassemblies. The requirements of this document apply to all related fibre optic sensor standards which belong to IEC 61757 (all parts). Standards of IEC 61757 (all parts) contain requirements specific to sensors for particular quantities subject to measurement, and for a particular style or variant of such a fibre optic sensor.

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 61757:2018
TitleFibre optic sensors. Generic specification
Publication Date24 October 2018
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Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 60654-4, IEC 60654-4, IEC TR 62362, ISO/IEC GUIDE 98-3, IEC 60050-311:2001, EN 60721-1, ISO/IEC TR 29106, GUM:1995, IEC 60721-1, IEC 60050-151
ReplacesBS EN 61757-1:2012
International RelationshipsEN IEC 61757:2018,IEC 61757:2018
Draft Superseded By18/30353981 DC
DescriptorsVelocity measurement, Detail specification, Electrical components, Designations, Classification systems, Electrical testing, Electrical measurement, Radiation measurement, Physical properties of materials, Testing conditions, Chemical analysis and testing, Assessed quality, Marking, Quality assurance systems, Force measurement, Position, Meteorological measurement, Optical measurement, Electronic equipment and components, Optical fibres, Probes, Mechanical testing, Fibre optics, Acoustic measurement, Visual inspection (testing), Environmental testing, Magnetic field measurement, Optical communication systems
Title in FrenchCapteurs à fibres optiques. Spécification générique
Title in GermanLWL-Sensoren. Fachgrundspezifikation
ISBN978 0 580 96949 2
File Size1.115 MB

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