PD 6692:2018 Asphalt – Guidance on the use of BS EN 12697 Bituminous mixtures – Test methods for hot mix asphalt

PD 6692:2018

Asphalt. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12697 “Bituminous mixtures. Test methods”

Status : Current   Published : April 2018



What is this published document about?

It supplies UK-centric advice on using the test methods for asphalt given in the multi-part European standard BS EN 12697.

Who is this published document for?

  • Asphalt manufacturers
  • Public sector highway authorities
  • Contractors
  • Consultant engineers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Private infrastructure owners
  • Asset managers
  • Architects
  • Test houses
  • Test equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Research laboratories

Why should you use this published document?

It gives guidance on the use of each of the European test methods for asphalt given in BS EN 12697 so that tests are specific to UK local environmental conditions and market practice, for example testing constituent materials that are still “in the back of the lorry”.

The tests are divided into five groups:

  1. Test methods required for testing the constituent materials, as identified in BS EN 13108-20:2016, Annex A
  2. Test methods called up in at least four of the standard specifications for the different types of asphalt, BS EN 13108-1 to BS EN 13108-7, as identified in BS EN 13108-20:2016, Annex B (see Table 1)
  3. Test methods called up in only specific standard specifications, as identified in BS EN 13108-20:2016, Annex B
  4. Test procedures used to support the test methods in BS EN 12697-30 to BS EN 12697-33, as identified in BS EN 13108-20:2016, Annex C, plus BS EN 12697-35
  5. Test methods and procedures not called up in the asphalt standards

Where standards fit into more than one category, they are described in the first and subsequently cross-referenced. The subclauses describing each of the tests are listed in Table 1.

What’s changed since the last update?

The 2006 edition of this PD gave guidance on the use of 43 Parts of the BS EN 12697 test methods for hot mix asphalt. Most of these have been revised or withdrawn, and there are an additional seven published Parts. Almost all of these include new test procedures that do not have equivalent British Standards, which this revision covers.

Moreover the 2006 PD introduced the move from British Standard test methods to EN test methods, and provided a link to enable continuity between the two. The new PD provides more detailed guidance for each of the test methods where specific test conditions are for use in the UK. Specific changes relate to:

  • Crack propagation
  • Saturation ageing tensile stiffness
  • Low temperature cracking
  • Ash content of natural asphalts
  • Interlayer bonding
  • Friction after polishing
  • Scuffing

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BS EN 12697 Series: Bituminous mixtures. Test methods

Standard NumberPD 6692:2018
TitleAsphalt. Guidance on the use of BS EN 12697 “Bituminous mixtures. Test methods”
Publication Date30 April 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 933-1, BS 2000-397, BS 598-111, BS 598-108, BS EN 12697-2, BS EN 12697-44, BS EN 12697-14, BS EN 12697-43, BS EN 12697-7, BS EN 12697-16, BS 598-1, BS 598-102, BS 5284, PD CEN/TS 12697-52, BS EN 12697-23, BS EN 12697-45, BS 598-110, BS EN 12697-22, BS 594987, BS EN 932-5, BS EN 12697-34, BS EN 12697-48, BS EN 12697-18, BS 598-112, BS EN 12697-47, BS EN 13108-8, BS EN 12697-42, BS EN 12697-40, BS EN 12697-19, BS EN 12697-35, BS EN 12697-26, BS EN 13108-2, BS EN 13108-3, BS EN 12697-10, BS EN 12697-11, BS EN 12697-41, BS EN 12697-33, BS EN 12697-36, BS EN 12697-30, PD CEN/TS 12697-51, BS 2000-105, BS EN 13108-5, BS 598-104, BS EN 13108-4, BS EN 12697-12, BS EN 12697-9, BS 598-107, BS EN 12697-17, BS 598-105, BS EN 12697-5, BS 598-100, BS EN 12697-25, BS EN 12697-3, BS EN 12697-49, BS EN 12697-29, BS EN 12697-15, BS 598-109, BS EN 13108-7, BS EN 13108-1, BS EN 12697-37, BS EN 12697-1, PD CEN/TS 12697-50, BS EN 12697-28, BS EN 12697-38, BS EN 12697-8, BS EN 12697-46, BS EN 12697-27, BS 598-101, BS EN 12697-31, BS EN 12697-13, BS EN 12697-32, BS EN 13108-6, BS EN 12697-24, BS EN
ReplacesPD 6692:2006
Draft Superseded By17/30360424 DC
DescriptorsExtraction methods of analysis, Construction materials, Asphalts, Solvent extraction methods, Bituminous products, Binding agents, Bitumens, Determination of content
ISBN978 0 580 96882 2
File Size1.652 MB

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