BS EN IEC 62402:2019

BS EN IEC 62402:2019

Obsolescence management

Status : Current   Published : July 2019



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What is this standard about?

This international standard details how organizations should go about instituting obsolescence management which can minimize the costs and detrimental impacts of obsolescence.

Who is this standard for?

It‘s for any organization, whether a manufacturer or supplier, which depends on another organization to obtain value from the usefulness of the items that other organization provides. Specifically, the standard will be used by those involved in their organization’s obsolescence management.

Why should you use this standard?

This is the only generic obsolescence management standard available. It defines the requirements and supplies guidance for cost-effectively managing the obsolescence of any type of item. The activities used to implement the process apply throughout all phases of an item’s life cycle.

The standard can reduce risk for organizations. The assessment of risk associated with obsolescence takes account of such factors as the likelihood of an item becoming obsolete during its expected useful life, the likelihood of an impact occurring during that expected useful life, and the severity of that impact. When done correctly, obsolescence management can treat those risks by reducing the likelihood or severity of impact.  

It’s also become essential to include obsolescence management within planning activities from the earliest life cycle phases. Therefore when planned and implemented during the early life cycle phases, the content of this document could be characterized as strategic obsolescence management.  

And even though it may not be a direct case of obsolescence, this document also helps manage items that have diminished manufacturing sources and material shortages which can result in long lead times, reduced availability and ultimately the obsolescence of those items.

The standard covers:

  • Establishing obsolescence management policy
  • Establishing infrastructure and organization
  • Developing an Obsolescence Management Plan (OMP)
  • Developing strategies to minimize obsolescence during design
  • Determining obsolescence management approach
  • Selecting obsolescence resolution and implementation
  • Measuring and improving the performance of the outcomes of obsolescence management activities

Guidance on obsolescence management is included as notes in the Informative Annexes and references in the Bibliography.  

What’s changed since the last update?

This standard revises and replaces BS EN 62402:2007 Obsolescence Management - Application guide. This new edition has been written with requirements as a standard (not as a guide like in the previous edition) and has been written as a general process for all technologies and items.  It continues to supply guidance in the informative annexes.        

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 62402:2019
TitleObsolescence management
Publication Date15 July 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 62435-4, EN IEC 62435-4, IEC 62239-1, IEC 62668-1, EN IEC 62239-1, IEC 62474, IEC 62435-1, IEC 61360, EN IEC 62474, IEC 60050-192, IEC 60300-1, EN 62435-1, DEF.STAN.05-135/1:2014, PD 6615, EN 62668-1, IEC/ISO 31010, IEC 62668-2, EN 31010, VDMA 24903, EN 60300-1, EN IEC 62668-2, ISO 31000:2018, BS EN 9278:2018
ReplacesBS EN 62402:2007
International RelationshipsEN IEC 62402:2019,IEC 62402:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30353266 DC
DescriptorsMaintenance, Obsolescent, Quality assurance systems, Duration, Project management, Management, Consumer-supplier relations, Planning, Life (durability), Management operations
Title in FrenchGestion de l'obsolescence
Title in GermanObsoleszenzmanagement
ISBN978 0 580 96776 4
File Size1.974 MB

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