BS EN IEC 63012:2019 - Insulating liquids. Unused modified or blended esters for electrotechnical applications

BS EN IEC 63012:2019

Insulating liquids. Unused modified or blended esters for electrotechnical applications

Status : Current   Published : July 2019



IEC 60312:2019 defines requirements for the characterization of unused modified esters or blends of unused esters used as insulating liquids for electrotechnical applications. It does not cover liquids that contain any proportion of used liquids. The liquids covered by this document are intended mainly for transformer applications.

Unused modified/synthetized esters are derived from a natural or synthetic base, or are blends of both. This document covers a variety of ester liquids not covered by other standards specific to natural esters (IEC 62770) or synthetic esters (IEC 61099). As it addresses various categories of liquids, this document also covers a wide range of values for certain performance characteristics. An important property is viscosity, which can affect the design and cooling performance of electrical equipment. A categorization is defined based on the kinematic viscosity of the different liquids. The category of low viscosity ester liquids is established.

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 63012:2019
TitleInsulating liquids. Unused modified or blended esters for electrotechnical applications
Publication Date18 July 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)OECD 301-B, IEC TR 61294, DIN 51350-2, ISO 2049, ASTM D7150, ISO 3016, IEC 60814, EN 14210, ISO 2592, ISO 2211, IEC 60156, DIN 51350-3, DIN 51350-1, IEC 62697-1, ISO 2719, IEC 60897, ISO 12185, IEC 62021-3, OECD 301-C, ASTM D3300, IEC 62770, ISO 3104, ISO 3675, IEC 60666, IEC 61125, IEC 62961, OECD 301-F, ASTM D7896, IEC 60247, IEC 62535, IEC 61619, ASTM D1903, IEC 60628, ASTM E1269, ASTM D1275, ASTM D4172, IEC 61620
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 3015, CIGRE Brochure 349, ASTM D2500, IEC 61203, ASTM D7042, OCDE 211, IEC 61868, CIGRE Brochure 436, IEC 61039, ASTM D4289, IEC 60076-14, IEEE C57.147, IEC TR 62697-2, CIGRE Brochure 741, CIGRE Brochure 443, IEC 60050-212, CIGRE Brochure 170, IEC 62975, IEC 60050-421, OCDE 203, ASTM D5773, OCDE 201, IUPAC, IEC 60296, IEC 63025, IEC 60422, DIN 51353, ASTM D471, ASTM D3455
International RelationshipsEN 60086-1:2011,EN IEC 63012:2019,IEC 63012:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30352869 DC
DescriptorsElectrical insulation levels, Electrical measuring instruments, Electrical equipment, Testing, Insulating materials (electric)
Title in FrenchIsolants liquides. Esters neufs modifiés ou mélangés pour applications électrotechniques
Title in GermanIsolierflüssigkeiten. Neue modifizierte oder verschnittene Ester für elektrotechnische Anwendungen
ISBN978 0 580 96701 6
File Size1.052 MB

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