BS ISO 19302:2018 Graphic technology. Colour conformity of printing workflows

BS ISO 19302:2018

Graphic technology. Colour conformity of printing workflows

Status : Current   Published : December 2018



What is this standard about?

This document defines the requirements of printing workflows and evaluation methods for their tone and colour reproduction.

It applies to any printing process using any colourant, such as CMYK, CMYK with spot, non-CMYK, spot only or multicolour.

This document refers and points to international or national standards and can be used to define, evaluate and audit any printing workflow in whole or in part.

Standard NumberBS ISO 19302:2018
TitleGraphic technology. Colour conformity of printing workflows
Publication Date11 December 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)CIE 15, ISO 17972-4, ISO 13655, ISO 3664, ISO 12647 (all parts), ISO 12646, ISO 14861, ISO 15930 (all parts)
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 16760, ISO 12040, ANSI CGATS TR 016, ISO 19301, ISO 15076-1, ANSI CGATS TR 21-1, ANSI CGATS TR 21-2, ASTM E1164 - 07, ISO/PAS 15339-2, ISO/PAS 15339-1, ANSI CGATS TR 015, ISO/TS 10128, ISO 15790, ISO 18619, ISO/DTR 19303-1, ISO 5-4, ISO/TS 15311-1, ISO 20654, ASTM D1729 - 96(2009), ASTM E1499 - 97(2009)
International RelationshipsISO 19302:2018
Draft Superseded By17/30352196 DC
DescriptorsGraphic technology, Colorimetric characteristics, Graphic arts, Wave properties and phenomena, Spectra, Optical properties of materials, Measurement, Mathematical calculations, Printing, Colorimetry, Transmittance, Reflectance factor
Title in FrenchTitre manque
ISBN978 0 580 96551 7
File Size2.457 MB

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