BS 2869:2017 Fuel oils for agricultural, domestic and industrial engines and boilers - Specification

BS 2869:2017

Fuel oils for agricultural, domestic and industrial engines and boilers. Specification

Status : Current   Published : June 2017



What is this standard about?

It specifies requirements for eight classes of engine and boiler petroleum fuels used in agricultural, domestic and industrial applications.

Who is this standard for?


  • Petroleum refiners that manufacture and blend fuels under the scope of BS 2869
  • Fuel importers and terminal operators that purchase, blend and supply fuels under the scope of BS 2869
  • Fuel resellers and distributors that purchase fuels under the scope of BS 2869 and sell them to end users
  • Manufacturers of equipment that uses fuels under the scope of BS 2869
  • Businesses and end users that purchase fuels under the scope of BS 2869 in the following sectors:



  1. power generation
  2. rail (for diesel-electric locomotives and multiple units), e.g. train operating companies
  3. industrial facilities, e.g. factories
  4. heating and stand-alone power generation in commercial and public sector facilities, e.g. hospitals, schools, prisons, council offices, office buildings, travelling fairs and carnivals, etc.
  5. non-road mobile and stationary machinery in the construction, forestry, mining and agricultural sectors
  6. domestic users as home heating oil (primarily in rural areas without access to the gas grid)


Why should you use this standard?

It updates the previous edition of BS 2869 to include revised specifications, and to bring it in line with other related product specifications and changes to referenced standards.

What’s changed since the last update?

This revision:

  • Reflects changes to referenced standards
  • Incorporates new test methods to align with other related product specifications
  • Assigns reference test methods to be used in cases of dispute

Standard NumberBS 2869:2017
TitleFuel oils for agricultural, domestic and industrial engines and boilers. Specification
Publication Date30 June 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 116:2015, BS EN ISO 2160:1998, BS EN ISO 12185:1996, BS EN 16715:2015, BS 2000-74:2000, BS EN ISO 3679:2015, BS EN ISO 3170:2004, BS EN 15195:2014, BS EN ISO 12156-1:2016, BS EN ISO 13736:2013, BS EN 16144:2012, BS EN ISO 12937:2001, BS EN ISO 20884:2011, BS EN ISO 12205:1996, BS 2000-12:1993, BS EN ISO 5165:1998, BS EN ISO 13032:2012, BS EN ISO 4264:2007, BS EN ISO 6245:2002, BS EN ISO 3171:1999, BS EN ISO 10370:2014, ISO 6618:1997, ASTM D4809 - 13, BS ISO 10307-1:2009, ASTM D56:2000, BS 2000-10:2011, BS EN ISO 20846:2011, BS EN 14275:2013, BS EN 12662:2014, BS EN ISO 8754:1995, ASTM D3338/D3338M - 09(2014)E2, BS EN 14214:2012, BS EN 16576:2014, BS EN 16329:2013, BS EN ISO 3104:1996, BS EN 15751:2014, BS EN ISO 3675:1998, BS EN ISO 3405:2011, ASTM D3828 - 16A, BS EN ISO 4259:2006, BS ISO 15911:2000, BS EN ISO 3924:2016, BS EN 14078:2014, BS EN ISO 2719:2016
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 799-5:2010, ISO/TR 18455:1999, PD CEN/TR 15367-3:2009, BS EN ISO 13759:1997, BS 5410-2:2013, BS 6380:1997, BS 799-4:1991, BS ISO 8217:2017, BS 5410-3:2016, PD CEN/TR 16884:2016, BS EN 14331:2004, PD CEN/TR 15367-1:2014, BS 5410-1:2014, BS EN 590:2013
ReplacesBS 2869:2010+A1:2011
DescriptorsAgricultural machinery, Engine fuel systems, Fuel oil, Petroleum
ISBN978 0 580 96406 0
File Size796 KB

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