BS ISO/IEC 7816-4:2013+A2:2018

BS ISO/IEC 7816-4:2013+A2:2018

Identification cards. Integrated circuit cards. Organization, security and commands for interchange

Status : Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : April 2013 Replaced By : BS ISO/IEC 7816-4:2020

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What is this standard about?

ISO/IEC 7816 is a series of standards specifying integrated circuit cards and the use of such cards for interchange. These cards are identification cards intended for information exchange negotiated between the outside world and the integrated circuit in the card. As a result of an information exchange, the card delivers information (computation result, stored data), and/or modifies its content (data storage, event memorization).

Why should you use this standard?

This part of ISO/IEC 7816 is intended to be used in any sector of activity. It specifies:

  • contents of command-response pairs exchanged at the interface,
  • means of retrieval of data elements and data objects in the card, 
  • structures and contents of historical bytes to describe operating characteristics of the card,
  • structures for applications and data in the card, as seen at the interface when processing commands,
  • access methods to files and data in the card,  a security architecture defining access rights to files and data in the card,
  • means and mechanisms for identifying and addressing applications in the card, methods for secure messaging,
  • access methods to the algorithms processed by the card. It does not describe these algorithms.

It does not cover the internal implementation within the card or the outside world.

This part of ISO/IEC 7816 is independent from the physical interface technology. It applies to cards accessed by one or more of the following methods: contacts, close coupling and radio frequency. If the card supports simultaneous use of more than one physical interface, the relationship between what happens on different physical interfaces is out of the scope of this edition of ISO/IEC 7816-4.

Standard NumberBS ISO/IEC 7816-4:2013+A2:2018
TitleIdentification cards. Integrated circuit cards. Organization, security and commands for interchange
StatusSuperseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date30 April 2013
Withdrawn Date03 June 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 8825-1:2002, IEC 7816-6, IEC 7816-3
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 14888, IEC 24727-3, IEC 9797, IETF RFC 1738:1994, IEC 11770, IEC 24727-2, IEC 14443, IEC 7816, IEC 10118, IEC 9796, IEC 9798, IEC 24727, IEC 15693, IETF RFC 2396:1998, IEC 18092, IEC 7810:2003, IEC 18033, EN 14890-2:2012, IEC 10536, ISO/IEC 10646:2017, ISO/IEC 7812-1:2000, ISO 9992-2:1998, EN 14890-1:2008, ISO/IEC 10116:1997, ISO/IEC TR 9577:1999, ISO 3166-1:1997, ISO/IEC 9979:1999
Replaced ByBS ISO/IEC 7816-4:2020
International RelationshipsISO/IEC 7816-4:2013/Amd 2:2018,ISO/IEC 7816-4:2013/Amd.2:2018
Amended ByAmendment, October 2018; Corrigendum, October 2014
Draft Superseded By17/30351134 DC
DescriptorsMachine-readable materials, Information exchange, Interfaces (data processing), Coding (data conversion), Identification methods, Access control (data), Data transfer, Data handling (software), Data security, Integrated circuit cards, Data processing, Integrated circuits, Data codes, Identity cards, Data organization
Title in FrenchCartes d'identification. Cartes à circuit intégré Organisation, sécurité et commandes pour les échanges
ISBN978 0 580 96325 4
File Size5.675 MB

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