BS EN IEC 60747-5-5:2020 - Semiconductor devices. Optoelectronic devices. Photocouplers

BS EN IEC 60747-5-5:2020

Semiconductor devices. Optoelectronic devices. Photocouplers

Status : Current   Published : September 2020



IEC 60747-5-5:2020(E) specifies the terminology, essential ratings, characteristics, safety tests, as well as the measuring methods for photocouplers. Note: The term "optocoupler" can also be used instead of "photocoupler". This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) optional data sheet basic insulation rating in accordance with IEC 60664-1:2007,; b) editorial corrections on the use of VIORM; c) editorial corrections on Figure 2: Time intervals for method b); d) addition of an alternative surge pulse VIOSM test method.

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 60747-5-5:2020
TitleSemiconductor devices. Optoelectronic devices. Photocouplers
Publication Date17 September 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60068-2-30, IEC 60068-2-20, EN 61000-4-5, IEC 60068-2-78, EN 60112, IEC 60068-2-58, EN 60068-2-2, EN 60216-2, EN 60068-2-14, EN 60068-1:2014, EN 60664-1:2007, EN IEC 62368-1:2020, IEC 60068-1:2013, IEC 60664-1:2007, IEC 62368-1:2018, EN 60695-11-5, EN 60216-1, IEC 60068-2-27, EN 60068-2-78, EN 60068-2-6, IEC 60672-2, EN 60068-2-17, IEC 60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-27, IEC 60112, IEC 60068-2-30, IEC 60216-2, IEC 60216-1, IEC 60068-2-17, EN 60068-2-58, IEC 60068-2-1, EN 60068-2-1, EN 60068-2-20, IEC 60068-2-14, IEC 60695-11-5, IEC 61000-4-5, IEC 60068-2-2, EN 60672-2
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60270:2000, IEC 60747-5-3, EN 60747-5-3, EN 60065, EN 60270:2001, IEC 60747-5-2, IEC 60065, IEC 60747-5-1, EN 60747-5-2
ReplacesBS EN 60747-5-5:2011+A1:2015
International RelationshipsEN 62037-6:2013,EN IEC 60747-5-5:2020,IEC 60747-5-5:2020
Draft Superseded By18/30350443 DC
DescriptorsRatings, Electrical measurement, Photocouplers, Electric shocks, Semiconductor devices, Photoelectric devices, Terminology, Light-emitting devices, Integrated circuits, Optoelectronic devices, Electrical safety, Electronic equipment and components
Title in FrenchDispositifs à semiconducteurs Dispositifs optoélectroniques. Photocoupleurs
Title in GermanHalbleiterbauelemente Optoelektronische Bauelemente. Optokoppler
ISBN978 0 580 96181 6
File Size2.35 MB

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