BS ISO 14033:2019 Environmental management. Quantitative environmental information. Guidelines and examples

BS ISO 14033:2019

Environmental management. Quantitative environmental information. Guidelines and examples

Status : Current   Published : March 2019



What is this standard about?

This document gives guidelines for the systematic and methodical acquisition and review of quantitative environmental information and data about systems. It supports the application of standards and reports on environmental management.

This document gives guidelines for organizations on the general principles, policies, strategies and activities necessary to obtain quantitative environmental information for internal and/or external purposes. Such purposes can be, for example, to establish inventory routines and support decision making related to environmental policies and strategies, aimed in particular at comparing quantitative environmental information. The information is related to organizations, activities, facilities, technologies and products.

This document addresses issues related to defining, collecting, processing, interpreting and presenting quantitative environmental information. It provides guidelines on how to establish accuracy, verifiability and reliability for the intended use. It uses proven and well-established approaches for the preparation of information adapted to the specific needs of environmental management.

This document is applicable to all organizations, regardless of their size, type, location, structure, activities, products, level of development and whether or not they have an environmental management system in place.

Standard NumberBS ISO 14033:2019
TitleEnvironmental management. Quantitative environmental information. Guidelines and examples
Publication Date07 March 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 14050
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 50001, ISO/TS 14071, ISO 14046, ISO 26000, ISO 9001, ISO 14031, ISO 14064-1, ISO 14045, ISO 14067, ISO 14021, ISO 50006, ISO 14008, ISO 50015, ISO/TS 14027, ISO 14064-2, ISO/TS 14072, ISO/TR 10017, ISO 14044:2006, ISO/TS 15926-6:2013, ISO 14040:2006, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 14063, ISO 14051, ISO/TR 10013, JCGM 200:2012, ISO 14025, ISO 14034, ISO 14004, ISO 19011, ISO 10012
ReplacesPD ISO/TS 14033:2012
International RelationshipsISO 14033:2019
Draft Superseded By18/30349172 DC
DescriptorsEnvironmental engineering, Pollution, Management, Environmental management, Pollution control, Environmental cleanliness, Ecology, Physical planning
Title in FrenchManagement environnemental. Information environnementale quantitative. Lignes directrices et exemples
ISBN978 0 580 95907 3
File Size3.72 MB

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