BS EN IEC 62368-1:2020

BS EN IEC 62368-1:2020+A11:2020

Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment. Safety requirements

Status : Under review, Current   Published : March 2020



What is this standard about?

BS EN IEC 62368-1 is a single international product safety standard covering the broad range of electronic, IT and communication technology products found everywhere and used by most of us on a daily basis.

This standard supersedes BS EN 60950-1BS EN 60065 and BS EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017, so complying with this new and improved edition now will be important.

Who is this standard for?

  • Electrical engineering professionals
  • Manufacturers, designers and installers of AV and ICT products
  • Organizations supplying electronic equipment and components
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Test house engineers

Why should you use this standard?

It’s paramount that audio-visual (AV) and information technology equipment (ITE) is safe for users and technicians alike. To that end this standard takes a hazard-based approach (as opposed to risk analysis), emphasizing a requirement for manufacturers to demonstrate that known hazards have been considered and the product has been designed to be safe.

It classifies energy sources, prescribes safeguards against those energy sources, and provides guidance on the application of, and requirements for, those safeguards which are intended to reduce the likelihood of pain, injury and, in the case of fire, property damage.

The standard describes safeguards for protection for persons in three different categories:

  1. Ordinary person
  2. Instructed person
  3. Skilled person

Based on this safety risk, the standard then specifies what is an acceptable voltage and the type of protection needed.

The standard is performance oriented, but also retains a clause that allows the use of components compliant with BS EN 60950-1 or BS EN 60065 if they have a track record of being proven safe. This will ensure a smooth transition to this new edition.

It is technology independent as much as reasonably possible, and allows for more design freedom. It applies to a broad range of electronic products and allows for easier introduction of new technology to the global marketplace (and with minimization of national/regional differences).

This standard is used as the basis for any standards being developed for products mentioned in the scope of the standard.

What’s changed in this update?

This is the second edition of this standard in the UK. It extensively revises and replaces BS EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017. The following changes were made:

a)      Addition of requirements for outdoor equipment

b)     New requirements for optical radiation

c)      Addition of requirements for insulating liquids

d)     Addition of requirements for work cells

e)     Addition of requirements for wireless power transmitters

f)       Addition of requirements for fully insulated winding wire (FIW)

g)      Alternative method for determination of top, bottom and side openings for fire enclosures

h)     Alternative requirements for sound pressure

i)       New requirements for equipment containing button batteries

Standard NumberBS EN IEC 62368-1:2020+A11:2020
TitleAudio/video, information and communication technology equipment. Safety requirements
StatusUnder review, Current
Publication Date23 March 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60107-1:1997, IEC 60227-2:1997 Cons Ed 2-1, IEC 60227-2:1997/AMD1:2003, EN 60085, IEC 60073, EN 60086-5, IEC 60068-2-6, IEC 60065, IEC 60027-1, EN 60065, EN 60086-4, IEC 60068-2-11, IEC 60068-2-78, IEC/TR 60083, EN 60027-1, EN 60068-2-11, EN 60112, EN 60107-1:1997, IEC 60085, IEC 60086-4, IEC 60227-1, EN 60068-2-78, EN 60073, IEC 60127, IEC 60076-14, EN 60068-2-6, IEC 60245-1, IEC 60112, IEC 60086-5, EN 60127, EN 60076-14
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 61140:2016, IEC 60664-4:2005, IEC 61140:2016, EN 61439-5:2015, IEC 61439-5:2014, EN 61969-3, ISO 10218-1, EN ISO 10218-2, EN ISO 13482, ISO 10218-2, EN 60664-1, IEC 62368-3, IEC 60721-3-4, IEC 62305-1, EN ISO 10218-1, IEC 60664-1, EN 62305-1, EN 62040-1, EN ISO 13850, IEC 61587-1, EN 60204-1, IEC 60204-1, ISO 13850, ISO 13482, IEC 61969-3, EN 60721-3-4, EN 60204-11, ISO 4628-3, FprEN 62368-3:2017, EN ISO 4628-3, IEC 60204-11, EN 61587-1, IEC 62040-1
ReplacesBS EN 60950-22:2017, BS EN 62368-1:2014+A11:2017, BS EN 60950-23:2006
International RelationshipsIEC 62368-1:2018,EN IEC 62368-1:2020/A11:2020,EN IEC 62368-1:2020,EN 60601-2-41:2009/A1:2015
Amended ByAmendment, March 2020
Draft Superseded By19/30385824 DC17/30347375 DC
DescriptorsRadio receivers, Electrical engineering, Television equipment, Computer hardware, Data processing equipment, Data processing, Electronic equipment and components, Safety measures, Audio equipment, Office equipment, Computer technology, Office machines, Video tape recorders, Equipment safety, Electrical safety, Computers
Title in FrenchÉquipements des technologies de l'audio/vidéo, de l'information et de la communication Exigences de sécurité
Title in GermanEinrichtungen für Audio/Video-, Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik Sicherheitsanforderungen
ISBN978 0 580 95496 2
File Size10.76 MB

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