BS EN 16186-4:2019 - Railway applications. Driver's cab. Layout and access

BS EN 16186-4:2019

Railway applications. Driver's cab. Layout and access

Status : Current   Published : June 2019



This document gives design rules and requirements in order to ensure proper access, lighting, seating and exit of the driver’s cab. The different dimensions are based on the anthropometric data defined in EN 16186-1. The corresponding assessment methods are also included in this standard. It covers the following aspects: - dimension and interior layout; - door access, steps, floor characteristics; - seats dimension and clearance; - interior cab lighting; - emergency exit; - marking and labelling. This part of the EN 16186 series applies to driver’s cabs of Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU), Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU), Railcars, Locomotives and Driving trailers (Driving Coaches). NOTE 1 This European Standard applies to rolling stock in the scope of Directive 2008/57/EC [6]. This part of the EN 16186 series applies to driver's desks installed on the left, on the right, or in a central position in the driver’s cab. Due to cab space and resulting desk integration constraints, desk layout can vary. NOTE 2 Due to railway systems constraints, the level of comfort and accessibility provided to the persons outside the anthropometric range defined in EN 16186-1 may vary. Usually the operators manage the potential restrictions, if the driver uses the full range of seat positions (as defined in this standard) combined with extreme body dimensions (as defined in EN 16186-1). This document is not intended to be applicable for OTMs, tramways, metro and light rail vehicles. NOTE 3 For OTMs, see EN 14033-1 [11] and EN 15746-1 [17].

Standard NumberBS EN 16186-4:2019
TitleRailway applications. Driver's cab. Layout and access
Publication Date11 June 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN ISO 2813:2014, EN ISO 7010:2012, ISO 3864-1:2011, EN 45545-4:2013, EN 14752:2015, ISO 7010:2011, ISO 7001:2007, UIC 651:2002, DIN 51130, UIC 413:2008, UIC 612-2:2009, EN 45545-6, UIC 640:2003, DIN 5566 (all parts), ISO 22727, ISO 10263-2, EN 13272, CLC/TS 50459 (all parts), EN 15380-4, EN 15877-2, UIC 612-1:2009, UIC 612-0:2009, EN 15746-1, EN 50129, ISO 9186 (all parts), UIC 641:2001, ISO 3411, EN 15220-1, EN ISO 3411, ISO 15537, EN 14033-1,

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