PD IEC/TR 63042-100:2016 - UHV AC transmission systems. General information

PD IEC/TR 63042-100:2016

UHV AC transmission systems. General information

Status : Current   Published : January 2017



IEC TR 63042-100:2016(E), which is a Technical Report, specifies the reference for the standards and guidelines for UHV AC transmission systems. This document provides an overview of these standards as well as guidelines.

Standard NumberPD IEC/TR 63042-100:2016
TitleUHV AC transmission systems. General information
Publication Date31 January 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60071-1, IEC 60038
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEEE 1861, IEC TR 62271-301, IEC 62271-101, IEC/IEEE 62271-37-082, IEC 62271-112, IEEE 80, IEC 62271-104, IEEE 1860, IEC TR 62271-302, IEC 62271-108, IEC 62271-106, IEEE 1862, IEC TR 62271-306, IEC 60076-1, IEC 62271-205, IEC 62271-203, IEC 60060-1, IEC 62271-4, IEC 62271-109, IEEE 693, IEC 62271-209, IEC 60071-2:2018, IEC 62271-1:2017, IEC TR 62271-310, IEC 62271-100, IEC TR 62271-208, IEC TS 60479-1, IEC 62271-3, IEC 60060-3, IEC 62271-204, IEC TR 62063, IEC 60076-3, IEC 62271-102, IEC 60060-2, IEC 62271-207, IEC TR 62271-300, IEC TR 62271-305
International RelationshipsIEC TR 63042-100:2016
DescriptorsElectrical equipment, Electrical protection equipment, Electrical installations, Overvoltage, Three-phase current, Electrical testing, Dielectric strength, Dielectric-strength tests, High-voltage installations, Coordination, High-voltage equipment, Electrical insulation, Withstand voltage, Rated voltage, Definitions, Impulse voltages
ISBN978 0 580 94372 0
File Size1.955 MB

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