BS EN 14492-2:2019 - Cranes. Power driven winches and hoists. Power driven hoists

BS EN 14492-2:2019

Cranes. Power driven winches and hoists. Power driven hoists

Status : Current   Published : June 2019



This document is applicable to the design, information for use, maintenance and testing of power driven hoists, compact or open construction, with or without trolleys for which the prime mover is an electric, hydraulic or pneumatic motor. They are designed for the lifting and lowering of loads that are suspended on hooks or other load lifting attachments. Hoists can be used either in cranes, in other machines, e.g. rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment, monorail conveyors or by itself. This document is applicable to the following types of hoist: a) rope hoist; b) chain hoist; c) belt hoist, except belt hoist with steel belts as hoisting media; d) NGL building hoists including supporting structures; e) Winches used for lifting operation. This document is not applicable of the following hazards: f) this document does not cover hazards related to builders hoists for the transport of goods as defined in Noise Outdoor Directive (OND) 2000/14/EC; g) this document does not cover hazards related to the lifting of persons. This document does not specify additional requirements for hazards related to the use of hoists in explosive atmospheres in underground mines. The significant hazards covered by this document are identified in Clause 4. This document is not applicable to power driven hoists that are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CEN.

Standard NumberBS EN 14492-2:2019
TitleCranes. Power driven winches and hoists. Power driven hoists
Publication Date19 June 2019
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ReplacesBS EN 14492-2:2006+A1:2009
International RelationshipsEN 14492-2:2019
Draft Superseded By16/30341165 DC
DescriptorsEquipment safety, Materials handling components, Noise (environmental), Electric motors, Hazards, Cranes, Drums (materials handling equipment), Instructions for use, Construction equipment, Verification, Safety measures, Internal combustion engines, Mechanical transmission systems, Hydraulic motors, Lifting equipment, Hoists, Control systems, Occupational safety
Title in FrenchAppareils de levage à charge suspendue. Treuils et palans motorisés Palans motorisés
Title in GermanKrane. Kraftgetriebene Winden und Hubwerke Kraftgetriebene Hubwerke
ISBN978 0 580 94178 8
File Size1.658 MB

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