ASTM D5253 - 04(2016) - Standard Terminology Relating to Floor Coverings and Textile Upholstered Furniture

ASTM D5253 - 04(2016)

Standard Terminology Relating to Floor Coverings and Textile Upholstered Furniture

Status : Current   Published : February 2016



1.1 This standard is a compilation of all terminology developed by Subcommittee D13.62 on Labeling and related to refurbishing or care of floor coverings and textile upholstered furniture, excluding leather. These items cannot be refurbished by the laundering and dry cleaning methods used for apparel and other domestic textile products.

1.2 This document defines terms for the care of textile floor coverings and textile upholstered furniture. The exact care instructions and sequence of procedures are to be determined by the manufacturer.

1.3 The recommended terminology covers common meanings used by both textile technologists and consumers.

1.4 This terminology is not applicable to unattached fabrics, such as slipcovers, used for covering furniture.

1.5 When care labels are provided, a standardized terminology in a logical sequence facilitates the maximum disclosure of essential information in small label space and assists understanding of recommended care practices by the consumer.

1.6 The use of either a permanent or a nonattached care instruction should not preclude the use of the alternative as an additional source of information to the consumer.

1.7 The term “only” in any label term limits the procedure to the stated instruction.

1.8 This terminology is unique to the care of textile floor coverings and upholstered furniture. Meanings of the same terms outside the industry can be found in other compilations or dictionaries of general usage.

1.9 In addition to being a specialized dictionary, Terminology D5253 is also useful for managing the subcommittee's terminology.

1.10 Terms listed are under the jurisdiction of SC D13.62.

1.11 For definitions of refurbishing or care terms for apparel, textile, home furnishing, and leather products cleaned by laundering or dry cleaning methods, see Terminology D3136.

1.12 For definitions of other textile terms, see Terminology D123.

Standard NumberASTM D5253 - 04(2016)
TitleStandard Terminology Relating to Floor Coverings and Textile Upholstered Furniture
Publication Date15 February 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
Descriptors Care, Floor covering, Refurbishing, Terminology, Upholstered furniture
File Size77 KB

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