PD CLC/TR 50669:2017 - Investigation Results on Electromagnetic Interference in the Frequency Range below 150 kHz

PD CLC/TR 50669:2017

Investigation Results on Electromagnetic Interference in the Frequency Range below 150 kHz

Status : Current   Published : January 2018



Following to [1, 2, 3] having proceeded with the collection of related information, with this Technical Report, further extended information is provided including: - the given EMC problems in the frequency range 2 kHz - 150 kHz, concerning EMC between electrical equipment in general as well as EMC between non-mains communicating equipment / systems (NCE) and mains communicating systems (MCS) as a particular issue - the given situation of related emissions in the grid, with other measurement results - EMI cases and related investigation results - new findings on parameters to be considered when dealing with EMC in this frequency range, in particular related to - the impact of the network impedance and its variation over time on the more or less disturbing effect of emissions in this frequency range - the behaviour of emissions in this frequency range over time and the increasing need for performing also time domain measurements for comprehensively evaluating emissions and their disturbance potential - the actual standardisation situation - needs for the future, concerning - measurement of related emissions - investigation on the impedance of the grid / in installations over time - closing gaps in standardisation - installation guidelines and possibly regulatory measures related to the ageing effect. In light of different positions on and in evaluating related EMC problems, with additional measurement results concerning emission levels in the supply network and results from investigations of additional proven EMI cases, the given problems are highlighted in more detail and recommendations for what to do in the future are provided.

Standard NumberPD CLC/TR 50669:2017
TitleInvestigation Results on Electromagnetic Interference in the Frequency Range below 150 kHz
Publication Date03 January 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)ITU-T G.9901, ITU-T G.9903:2014, ARIB STD-T84:2002, IEC 61851-21-1, IEC 77A/915, EN 61000-4-30:2015, IEC 61000-3-8:1997, EN 55016-2-1:2014, IEC 61000-2-2:2002, IEC TR 60725:2012, IEC 61000-4-19:2014, EN 61334-5-1 (IEC 61334-5-1:2001 AS), EN 50065-1:2011, EN 50160:2010, EN 61000-4-19:2014, EN 61000-4-7:2002, IEC TS 62578:2015, EN 61000-4-4:2012, CLC/TR 50579:2012, IEC 61000-4-30:2015, EN 61000-2-2 (IEC 61000-2-2:2002) AS, CLC/TR 50627:2015, EN 55014-1:2006, IEC 61000-4-7:2002, CISPR 16-2-1:2014, IEC 61334-5-1:2001, EN 61000-4-12:2006, IEC 61000-4-12:2006, IEC 61000-4-4:2012, EN 55015:2013, EN 55022:2010, IEC 61334-3-1:1998
International RelationshipsCLC/TR 50669:2017
DescriptorsCompatibility (electromagnetic), Electrical equipment, EMC, Frequencies, Interference
Title in FrenchRésultats des études réalisées sur le brouillage électromagnétique dans la plage des fréquences inférieures à 150 kHz
Title in GermanUntersuchungsergebnisse zu elektromagnetischen Interferenzen im Frequenzbereich unter 150 kHz
ISBN978 0 580 94105 4
File Size13.09 MB

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