BS EN 13523-21:2017 - Coil coated metals. Test methods. Evaluation of outdoor exposed panels

BS EN 13523-21:2017

Coil coated metals. Test methods. Evaluation of outdoor exposed panels

Status : Current   Published : August 2017



This part of the EN 13523 series specifies the procedure for evaluating the behaviour of an organic coating on a metallic substrate during and after outdoor exposure. Panel design, preparation and the procedure for outdoor exposure are performed in accordance with EN 13523 19. After washing of the panel, some dirt can remain on the panel. This remaining dirt can influence the accuracy and precision of readings of gloss and colour, performed on exposed panels, although carried out in accordance with the standards. Unlike other precise measurements, the objective of this European Standard is to report on trends in the corrosion and/or paint degradation behaviour of coil coated panels.

Standard NumberBS EN 13523-21:2017
TitleCoil coated metals. Test methods. Evaluation of outdoor exposed panels
Publication Date25 August 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 4628-5:2016, EN ISO 4628-2 (ISO 4628-2:2016) AS, EN 13523-3:2014, EN ISO 4628-8 (ISO 4628-8:2012) AS, EN ISO 4628-4 (ISO 4628-4:2016) AS, EN 1396:2015, ISO 4628-3:2016, EN 13523-0:2014, ISO 4628-8:2012, EN 10169:2010, EN ISO 4628-3 (ISO 4628-3:2016) AS, EN 13523-14:2001, EN 13523-2:2014, ISO 4628-4:2016, EN 13523-19:2011, ISO 4628-2:2003 Ed 2, EN ISO 4628-5 (ISO 4628-5:2016) AS
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 4628-6:2011 Ed 3, EN ISO 4628-10 (ISO 4628-10:2016) AS, EN ISO 4628-7 (ISO 4628-7:2016) AS, ISO 4628-7:2016, ISO 4628-10:2016, EN ISO 4628-6 (ISO 4628-6:2011) AS
ReplacesBS EN 13523-21:2010
International RelationshipsEN 13523-21:2017
Draft Superseded By16/30340557 DC
DescriptorsCoatings, Coils, Degradation, Corrosion tests, Organic coatings, Environmental testing, Metals
Title in FrenchTôles prélaquées. Méthodes d'essai Évaluation des panneaux exposés en extérieur
Title in GermanBandbeschichtete Metalle. Prüfverfahren Bewertung von freibewitterten Probenplatten
ISBN978 0 580 94048 4
File Size609 KB

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