BS EN 62683-1:2017 - Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Product data and properties for information exchange. Catalogue data

BS EN 62683-1:2017

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Product data and properties for information exchange. Catalogue data

Status : Current   Published : October 2017



IEC 62683-1:2017 establishes the reference dictionary of the general description of low-voltage switchgear and controlgear classes based on defined properties.

This dictionary is used to facilitate the exchange in electronic format of data describing low-voltage switchgear and controlgear.

This document provides clear and unambiguous definitions of a limited number of properties and classes which are mainly used for presentation, selection and identification of products particularly in electronic catalogues.

Each property has an unambiguously defined meaning and naming, and, where relevant, a defined value list, a defined format and a defined unit.

The intention is not to cover manufacturer-specific features.

Standard NumberBS EN 62683-1:2017
TitleLow-voltage switchgear and controlgear. Product data and properties for information exchange. Catalogue data
Publication Date24 October 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 60947-1:2007, EN 60947-1:2007/A2:2014, EN 61360-1:2010, IEC 61360-1:2017, IEC 60947-1:2007/AMD2:2014, EN 60947-1:2007/A1:2011, IEC 60947-1:2007/AMD1:2010, IEC 60947-1:2007
Informative References(Provided for Information)ISO 14025:2006, EN IEC 61058-1:2018, BS EN IEC 61058-1:2018, IEC 60050-442:1998, EN 60529:1991/A2:2013, ISO 13584-42:2010, IEC/TR 61931:1998, EN 60947-4-2:2012, EN 60947-5-2:2007, IEC 60947-7-1:2009, IEC 60050-845:1987/AMD1:2016, EN 60947-7-2:2009, IEC 60947-6-1:2005, IEC 60529:1989/AMD2:2013, EN 60825-1:2007, IEC 60825-1:2014, IEC 60947-5-5:1997/AMD2:2016, EN 61140:2016, IEC 60947-3:2008, EN 60947-3:2009, IEC 60947-5-2:2007, EN 62474:2012, IEC 60050-151:2001, IEC 60050-603:1986, IEC 60050-581:2008, EN 60529:1991, EN 60947-4-1:2001, EN 60947-5-5:1997/A2:2017, IEC 60050-311:2001, EN 62262, IEC 60050-716-1, IEC 60947-4, EN 50041, EN 50047, EN 60947-4, IEC 62474:2012, CLC/TS 60034-20-1 (IEC/TS 60034-20-1) AS, IEC 60947-4-3:2014, EN 60127-1:2006, IEC 60947-5-5:1997, ISO/IEC GUIDE 77-1:2008 Ed 1, EN 60947-7-1:2009, IEC 60947-4-2:2011, EN 60999-1:2000, IEC 60529:1989 Cons Ed 2-1, IEC 61672-1:2013, IEC 60050-445:2010, IEC 60715:2017, EN 62271-1:2008, EN 60947-4-3:2014, IEC 60050-411:1996 Ed 2, IEC 62262:2002, EN 60947-4-1:2010/A1:2012, IEC 62271-1:2007, IEC 60999-1:199
ReplacesBS EN 62683:2015
International RelationshipsEN 62683-1:2017,IEC 62683-1:2017
Draft Superseded By21/30339295 DC
DescriptorsData elements, Electrical components, Mechanical components, Classification systems, Data representation, Electrical engineering, Electronic equipment and components, Data, Terminology, Symbols, Electrical equipment, Letters (symbols)
Title in FrenchAppareillage à basse tension. Données et propriétés de produits pour l’echange d’informations Données de catalogue
Title in GermanNiederspannungsschaltgeräte. Produktdaten und -eigenschaften für den Informationsaustausch Katalogdaten
ISBN978 0 580 93729 3
File Size1.742 MB

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