Intruder and hold-up alarm systems. Commissioning, maintenance and remote support.

BS 9263:2016

Intruder and hold-up alarm systems. Commissioning, maintenance and remote support. Code of practice

Status : Current, Under review   Published : August 2016



BS 9263:2016 - Intruder and hold-up alarm systems – Commissioning, maintenance and remote support

When DD 263 came up for its five year review it was converted into BS 9263:2016. Like its predecessor, the new standard provides detailed advice on the commissioning and remote support of alarm systems as well as additional recommendations – not detailed in TS 50131-7 – for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Who is the standard for?

This standard will be of interest to:

  • Accredited companies
  • Companies that install I&HAS
  • Manufacturers who are responsible for products used to meet requirements
  • Alarm transmission system providers (solutions from site to alarm receiving centre)

The standard will also have an impact on alarm receiving centres which might initiate connection from centre to alarm site to carry out remote checks.

What does the standard cover?

It gives recommendations for the commissioning, on-site corrective and preventative maintenance, remote system checks and remote support of Intruder and Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS).

It is intended to encompass all I&HAS under maintenance, including those installed in accordance with PD 6662 “Scheme for the application of European Standards for intruder alarm systems” and with BS 4737, component specifications for intruder alarms series, and BS EN 50131-1, general requirements for intruder systems.

NOTE: To receive police response for a remotely monitored alarm system, any systems installed after June 2012 must conform to PD6662:2010 and BS 8243.

How does the standard differ from DD 263?

Citations in the document have been refreshed, but there are no fundamental technical changes. 

Standard NumberBS 9263:2016
TitleIntruder and hold-up alarm systems. Commissioning, maintenance and remote support. Code of practice
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 August 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 50136-1:2012, BS EN 50131-1:2006+A1:2009, PD 6662:2017, BS EN 50131-3:2009, BS 8473, DD CLC/TS 50131-7
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 50131-5-3:2017, BS 4737, BS 7042, BS 7671, BS 8243, BS 6799
Draft Superseded By16/30338904 DC
DescriptorsErrors, Management, Warning devices, Burglar alarms, Alarm systems, Crime prevention devices, Security systems in buildings, Anti-burglar measures
ISBN978 0 580 93636 4
File Size1.403 MB

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