BS EN 60794-1-3:2017 - Optical fibre cables. Generic specification. Optical cable elements

BS EN 60794-1-3:2017

Optical fibre cables. Generic specification. Optical cable elements

Status : Current   Published : August 2017



This part of IEC 60794 is a generic specification covering optical cable elements. Requirements which are described in this document apply to elements of optical fibre cables for use with telecommunication equipment and devices employing similar techniques. The elements which are the subject of this document are those which apply to several cable types of IEC 60794 (all parts) and as defined by sectional specifications IEC 60794‑2, IEC 60794‑3, IEC 60794‑4, and IEC 60794‑5. The requirements for cable elements are described in the IEC 60794‑1‑3X series for which the IEC 60794‑1‑311 is the first one, and family specifications and detailed specifications of the aforementioned sectional specifications can define specific cables families and types.

Standard NumberBS EN 60794-1-3:2017
TitleOptical fibre cables. Generic specification. Optical cable elements
Publication Date10 August 2017
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)IEC 60794-3:2014, IEC 60794-1-23:2012, IEC 60794-1-1:2015, IEC 60794-2:2017, IEC 60794-5:2014, IEC 60794-1-2:2017, IEC 60794-4:2003
Informative References(Provided for Information)IEC 60794-1-3:2017, BS EN IEC 60794-1-31:2018, IEC 60794-1-31:2018, IEC 60794-1-2:2017, IEC 60794-1-1:2015
International RelationshipsEN 60794-1-3:2017,IEC 60794-1-3:2017,EN 60061-2:1993/A43:2011,EN 60061-2:1993/A47:2014,EN 60061-2:1993/A50:2015,EN 60061-2:1993/A51:2017,EN 60061-3:1993/A51:2015
Draft Superseded By16/30338651 DC
DescriptorsCommunication cables, Optical fibres, Communication equipment, Electric cables, Fibre optic cables, Telecommunication, Fibre optics
Title in FrenchCâbles à fibres optiques Spécification générique. Eléments de câbles optiques
Title in GermanLichtwellenleiterkabel Fachgrundspezifikation. LWL-Kabelelemente
ISBN978 0 580 93582 4
File Size894 KB

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