BS EN 13757-7:2018 - Communication systems for meters. Transport and security services

BS EN 13757-7:2018

Communication systems for meters. Transport and security services

Status : Current   Published : May 2018



This draft European Standard specifies Transport and Security Services for communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters. This draft European Standard specifies secure communication capabilities by design and supports the building of a secure system architecture. This draft European standard is applicable to the protection of consumer data to ensure privacy. This draft European Standard is intended to be used with the lower layer specifications determined in EN 13757-2, EN 13757-3, EN 13757-4, EN 13757-5 and EN 13757-6.

Standard NumberBS EN 13757-7:2018
TitleCommunication systems for meters. Transport and security services
Publication Date25 May 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 62056-5-3:2014, NIST/SP 800-38C:2004-05, NIST/SP 800-38F, EN 13757-4:2013, NIST/SP 800-38F:2012-12, NIST/SP 800-38B:2005-05, ISO/IEC 18033-3, EN 13757-5, NIST/SP 800-38A:2001-12, EN 13757-3:2018, NIST/SP 800-38D, EN 13757-1, EN 13757-2, NIST/SP 800-38A, EN 62056-21, NIST/SP 800-38D:2007-11
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 62056-6-2, EN 62056-6-1, EN 60870-5-1, EN ISO/IEC 7498-1:1995, EN 62056-6-1, EN ISO 11568-3:1996, ANSI X9 TR-31:2010, ISO 8372, NIST/SP 800-56, CEN/CLC/ETSI/TR 50572, EN 1434–3, NIST/SP 800-57, ISO 11568-3:1994, ISO/IEC 7498-1:1994, ISO 14:1982
ReplacesBS EN 13757-3:2013
International RelationshipsEN 13757-7:2018
Draft Superseded By16/30338581 DC
DescriptorsMeters, Information exchange, Data transmission, Radio equipment, Physical layer (OSI), Telemetering equipment, Open systems interconnection, Interfaces (data processing), Telecommunication, Telemetry, Radiofrequencies, Communication networks, Distant-indicating instruments, Radiocommunication
Title in FrenchSystèmes de communication pour compteurs Services de transport et de sécurité
Title in GermanKommunikationssysteme für Zähler Transport- und Sicherheitsdienste
ISBN978 0 580 93564 0
File Size4.081 MB

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