BS 8899:2016 - Improvement of fire-fighting and evacuation provisions in existing lifts. Code of practice

BS 8899:2016

Improvement of fire-fighting and evacuation provisions in existing lifts. Code of practice

Status : Current, Under review   Published : October 2016



This British Standard gives recommendations for the improvement and maintenance of fire-fighting and evacuation provisions in existing lifts. It applies to lifts installed permanently into buildings that are either already designed for fire and rescue service use or as evacuation lifts, or intended to be modified to include such features.

This British Standard is not applicable to:

  • new lifts, whether in new buildings or existing buildings, installed after the publication of this standard;

  • lifts where the building regulations or standards for the fire safety of buildings require or recommend a lift to the level of a new fire-fighting lift, e.g. due to extension or change of use of the building;

  • double-deck lifts;

  • dual entry lifts, where the firefighters lift protected lobbies are not located consistently on the same side of the lift car on all floors served by the installation;

  • lifts with partially enclosed wells;

  • special cases such as potentially explosive atmospheres, extreme climate conditions and seismic conditions.

This British Standard covers the significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to lifts for fire and rescue service use and evacuation lifts.


BS EN 81‑80 contains recommendations for the general improvement in safety of existing lifts relative to the base lift design standard. BS 8899 is intended to have a similar relationship with BS EN 81‑72 and the evacuation lift recommendations in BS 9999.

This British Standard applies to the lift installation only. It does not give recommendations for the fire-resisting structure of the building or other elements of the building design and management.


BS 9999 and BS 9991 contain recommendations related to additional building fire safety provisions needed to support the use of fire-fighting and evacuation lifts.

Standard NumberBS 8899:2016
TitleImprovement of fire-fighting and evacuation provisions in existing lifts. Code of practice
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 October 2016
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 81-70:2003, BS EN 81-20:2014, BS EN 81-72:2015, BS EN 81-58:2018, BS 9999, BS 5655-11, BS 8486-2, BS 8486-1, BS 476-22, BS EN 81-73, BS 5655-12, BS EN ISO 14798
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 8519, BS 5655-10.1.1, BS 5655-2, BS EN 81-2, BS 5810, DD CEN/TS 81-76, PAS 32-1, BS 5655-10, PAS 32-2, BS 5655-10.2.1, BS EN 81-1, BS 5655-1, BS EN 13015, BS EN 60529:1992+A2:2013, BS 5588-5:1991, BS 5588-5:2004, BS 9991:2011, BS 5588-8:1988, BS 2655-1:1970, BS 5588-8:1999, BS 9991:2015, BS EN 81-72:2003, BS 5588-5:1986, BS EN 81-80:2003
Draft Superseded By16/30337004 DC
DescriptorsEmergency vehicles, Vehicle controls, Graphic symbols, Mobile working platforms, Fire extinguishing materials, Compressors, Pipes, Ladders, Pressure vessels, Control devices, Firefighting vehicles, Control equipment, Symbols, Firefighting, Electrical equipment, Firefighting equipment
ISBN978 0 580 93191 8
File Size1.495 MB

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