BS 8006-1:2010+A1:2016 Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills

BS 8006-1:2010+A1:2016

Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills

Status : Current, Under review   Published : October 2010



BS 8006-1:2016 Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills


Reinforced materials are often used in soils to construct retaining walls, steep embankments and basal strengthening. This standard provides civil engineers and other construction professionals with updated recommendations and guidance on the best approaches to soil reinforcement techniques.

BS 8006-1 benefits the civil and structural engineering communities by providing a consistent and safe design method for the construction of reinforced earthworks. The use of reinforced soil can bring significant benefits to those who own or are impacted by earthworks like infrastructure owners and neighbours. Reinforced soil techniques permit a reduction in land take when planning infrastructure development and also allow enhancement of existing earthworks without further encroachment on surrounding land. Without a standard for the design of reinforced soil works there would be a significant impact on the environment as the alternatives are either increased land take or construction using less sustainable products and methods.

Who is the standard for?

The standard will be of value to a wide range of construction sector professionals including: 

  • Specifiers involved in the design, construction and maintenance of walls and abutments, slopes and foundations
  • Consulting engineers – geotechnical and civil engineers, project managers, design engineers, site resident engineers, site supervising engineers
  • Designers – design engineers, project managers
  • Suppliers of reinforced soil structures – technical managers, design engineers, project managers, material development engineers
  • Manufacturers of reinforcement products – technical managers, design engineers, project managers, material development engineers
  • Contractors – buyers, procurement officers, project managers, estimators, design managers, construction managers, construction engineers, planning engineers

What does the standard cover?

BS 8006-1 provides recommendations and guidance for the application of reinforcement techniques to soils, as fill or in situ, and to other fills. The standard is written in a limit state format and guidelines are provided in terms of partial material factors and load factors for various applications and design lives.

Note: As there is no corresponding EN or ISO standard in this area, BS 8006-1 is also used internationally.

How is this version different from the 2010 standard?

When the 2010 version received its five-year review, the committee decided to amend the standard as follows:  

  • Loading tables have been updated with reference to Eurocode loadings
  • Ambiguous references have been clarified within slip circle analyses for slopes and Foundations as found in various parts of the standard 
  • The Blockwall specification has been updated

Standard NumberBS 8006-1:2010+A1:2016
TitleCode of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills
StatusCurrent, Under review
Publication Date31 October 2010
Confirm Date01 November 2015
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS EN 10025-2:2004, BS 4147, PD ISO/TR 20432, BS 4164, BS 3416, BS 1377-7, BS EN 1997-2, BS 1449-1, BS 1377-9, BS EN ISO 22475, BS EN 771-3:2003+A1:2005, BS EN ISO 10320, BS 6349, BS EN 12225, BS EN ISO 14688-2, BS EN ISO 1461, BS 5930:1999+A1:2007, BS 1377-8, BS 2569, PD 6694-1, BS EN ISO 10321, BS EN 12878, BS EN ISO 10319, NA to BS EN 1997-1:2004, BS EN 1997-1:2004, BS EN 10080:2005, BS 7263-1:2001, BS 4449:2005, BS EN 1990:2002+A1:2005, BS 1377-3:2018, BS EN 14475:2006, BS 3692:2001
Informative References(Provided for Information)DD ISO/TS 13434, AFNOR NF P 94-270, BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 12958, BS EN 1998-5, ASTM D6916, BS EN ISO 9862, ASTM D6638, BS EN 1991, NA to BS EN 1991-2, BS 8081:1989, BS EN ISO 12957-1:2005, BS EN 13738:2004
ReplacesBS 8006:1995
Amended ByAmendment, July 2016; Corrigendum, June 2012
Draft Superseded By16/30334776 DC
DescriptorsPlastic analysis, Earthworks, Design, Soil mechanics, Construction materials, Earth fills, Soil strength tests, Stability, Retaining walls, Life (durability), Reinforced materials, Fasteners, Reinforcement, Reinforcing materials, Foundations, Soil testing, Dimensions, Land retention works, Tensile strength, Factor of safety, Structural design, Soils, Performance, Embankments, Retaining structures, Maintenance, Walls, Loading
ISBN978 0 580 92713 3
File Size4.643 MB

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