19/30333958 DC - BS EN 61854. Overhead lines. Requirements and tests for spacers

19/30333958 DC

BS EN 61854. Overhead lines. Requirements and tests for spacers

Status : Current, Draft for public comment   Published : February 2019



Standard Number19/30333958 DC
TitleBS EN 61854. Overhead lines. Requirements and tests for spacers
StatusCurrent, Draft for public comment
Publication Date07 February 2019
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)ISO 1431-1:2012, ISO 34-1:2015, ISO 1817:2015, ISO 188:2011, ISO 3951-2:2013, ISO 6502-2:2018, ISO 9004:2018, ISO 4662:2017, ISO 37:2017, IEC 60888:1987, ISO 2781:2018, ISO 4649:2017, ISO 3417:2008, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 3951-1:2013, ISO 812:2017, IEC 61284:1997, ISO 2859-1:1999, ISO 1461:2009, ISO 2921:2011, ISO 815-2:2014, ISO 815-1:2014, ISO 10684:2008, IEC 60050(466):1990, ISO 2859-2:1985, ISO 9000:2015, ISO 34-2:2015, ISO 1183-1:2012
Informative References(Provided for Information)CIGRE SCB2 WG11-TF05, CIGRE SCB2 WG 48, CIGRE SC22 WG11-TF2, IEEE Std 1368:2007, CIGRE SC22 WG04
International RelationshipsIEC 61854 Ed.2.0
Draft Expiry Date27 March 2019
DescriptorsStiffness, Bend testing, Vibration testing, Test equipment, Mechanical testing, Electrical testing, Dimensions, Classification systems, Overhead power-line fittings, Corrosion tests, Quality assurance systems, Ozone, Electric power transmission lines, Electric power transmission, Acceptance inspection, Type testing, Torsion testing, Fatigue testing, Flexibility, Separating parts, Visual inspection (testing), Overhead power lines, Samples, Spacers, Chemical-resistance tests, Design
File Size718 KB
NotesWarning: this draft is not current beyond its expiry date for comments.

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