BS EN 15885:2018 Classification and characteristics of techniques for renovation, repair and replacement of drains and sewers

BS EN 15885:2018

Classification and characteristics of techniques for renovation, repair and replacement of drains and sewers

Status : Current   Published : November 2018



What is this standard about?

This European Standard specifies a system for the classification of trenchless techniques for renovation, repair and replacement on the same line of drains and sewers outside buildings, operated under gravity or pressure, including pipes, connections and manholes. It defines and describes families of techniques and their different generic methods and materials used.

This European Standard does not apply for replacement by open trenching according to EN 1610 and trenchless construction and testing of drains and sewers as new construction off-the-line of the existing drain or sewer according to EN 12889.

This European Standard does not apply for the specification of requirements for specific products.

For each technique family it lists relevant existing standards, materials and applications and outlines characteristics including installation aspects, structural and hydraulic capabilities and site impact.

This standard does not apply to any work required on the existing pipe prior to renovation, repair or replacement.

This European Standard provides information needed to determine viable options and for identification of the optimal technique with regard to a given set of renovation, repair or replacement objectives.

NOTE It is the responsibility of the designer to choose and design the renovation, replacement and repair systems.

It does not specify the calculation methods to determine, for each viable technique, the required amount of material needed to secure the desired performance of the pipeline to be rehabilitated.

Standard NumberBS EN 15885:2018
TitleClassification and characteristics of techniques for renovation, repair and replacement of drains and sewers
Publication Date15 November 2018
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)EN 752
Informative References(Provided for Information)EN 13380, EN 14364, ISO 11296, EN ISO 11297-2, EN ISO 11296-3, ISO 16611, EN ISO 11297-1, ISO/DIS 21225-1, EN ISO 11295:2017, ISO 11296-1, EN 1610, EN ISO 21225-1, EN 1796, ISO 11297, ISO/DIS 11296-2, EN 16506, EN ISO 11296-7, ISO 11296-4, EN ISO 11296 (all parts), EN ISO 11297 (all parts), EN 14636-1, EN 805, EN 16323:2014, ISO 11295:2017, EN 14654-2, EN 13508-1, ISO 11297-1, ISO/DIS 11297-2, EN ISO 11296-4, ISO 11296-3, ISO 25780, EN 12889, ISO 11297-3, EN ISO 11297-3, EN ISO 11297-4, EN ISO 11296-2, ISO/DIS 11297-4, EN ISO 11296-1, ISO 11296-7
ReplacesBS EN 15885:2010
International RelationshipsEN 15885:2018
Draft Superseded By16/30332542 DC
DescriptorsClassification systems, Repair, Sewerage, Foul-sewage drainage, Pipe fittings, Sewers, Waste-water drainage, Pipes, Pipe laying, Renovation, Pipelines, Sewage engineering, Drainpipes, Manholes
Title in FrenchClassification et caractéristiques des techniques de rénovation, de réparation et de remplacement des réseaux d’évacuation et d’assainissement
Title in GermanKlassifizierung und Eigenschaften von Techniken für die Renovierung, Reparatur und Erneuerung von Abwasserkanälen und -leitungen
ISBN978 0 580 92172 8
File Size1.217 MB

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